Weekend Vacation Spot in Northern California

The Redwood Forest in Northern California is the favorite weekend getaway vacation spot of many but once you get there, you will realize that the place is so big and so full of beauty that a weekend won’t give you enough. It is almost as if it puts you in some kind of a trance and leaving it would be the hardest part of it all.

It’s not just the generous nature that offers its gigantic trees and rivers for your eyes to behold, it’s also the many activities you can do when you go there. There is something for everyone. It welcomes the adventurous soul, it teases the romantic couples, it soothes the tired body and binds the families and friends who visit it.

Prairie Creed Redwoods

If you want to go back a century in time, the Prairie Creed Redwoods, Northern Califorina may be the place for you. It is the cradle of forest as old as the soil it is standing on, the red horizon, swooshing sound made by thick and gigantic leaves as it sways with the wind that will soothe you. It offers opportunities for hiking, nature study, wildlife viewing, beach combing, picnicking, and see exhibits.

You can watch wildlife animals like the mighty bears, shy coyotes, proud lions, and birds with colors more beautiful than the rainbow.

You can hike the dense cold mountain covered with tanoak, cascara, big leaf, vine maple, and different kinds of green plants with stunning sprinkle of other colors. You can rest and set camp in Elk Prairie or Gold Bluffs Beach. There, you can also bike or do some more hiking towards Ossagon Creek and Miner's Ridge Trail Camps.

Redwood National Park

I have read a quote that says “The mountain is not a place where I fulfil my ambition, it’s a sactuary where I practice my religion”. This is the feeling that best describes the Redwood National Park. Its tall big trees hover above every man who walks its path. Looking up to see its leaves is like looking up to a god… powerful, untouchable and holy. Yet, it does not isolate you. It doesn’t snob you. It doesn’t ignore you. In fact, it welcomes you to its home allowing you to run free to as far as you can go. It encourages you to look, to sleep, to touch, to stay and if you are not strong-willed enough, that is just what you might do - stay.

Be it hiking, biking, paddling, watching, or relaxing, there is something for you at Redwood National Park.

You can hike the 16-mile greens of Redwood Creek Trail. You will pass through greens that climb on fences, walls and on other trees to form the grandest arcs you will ever see. You will end up at the foot of the six tallest trees in the world, each at least 300 feet. You can set up a camp on the banks of Redwood Creek.

If you are in for some water thrill, you can try paddling though the Klamath River. It has been called so many names like Satan's Gate, Scarface and Devil's Toenail because as much as it offers the breathtaking beauty of its scenery, it can flip you over so fast and find yourself being pulled downstream helpless at natures’ playfulness.

You can also hang at Elk Prairie, Counts Hill Prairie, Childs Hill Prairie, Schoolhouse Prairie, or the Dolasan Prairie Trail and see if the Raptors and often reclusive wildlife will honor you with its presence. Spring and summer in the Redwood is the birth of the prairies’ colors and it is inviting to the red-tailed hawk, kestrel, goldfinch junco, quail, raven, and great horned owl, and their prey of gophers and meadow mice. There are wonders on the ground as well with mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, elk, and blacktail deer hanging around.

Muir Woods National Monument

Muir Woods offer the ultimate nature trip of all time. You can become a Junior Ranger by completing the tasks you will find in the front desk. Inside the park, you will encounter the famous “Titan Race”. It is a grove of virgin redwoods that grows in a cool, foggy canyon north of the Golden Gate. These tall trees used to surround the San Francisco Bay. In the Muir Woods remains some of the wild animals like black-tail deer and gray squirrels.

Anything that you will find inside is at least 400 years old and it is not rare to find specimens that are more than one thousand years old. Didn’t I just say it’s the ultimate nature trip?