Google rules the internet search. There are countless numbers of search engines out there but the main ones are Google and Bing. There are many others that use to be extremely popular such as AltaVista that are still around. There are also many new start up search engines. These search engines are no where near the search capability of other search engines such as Google.

Many of these new start ups are able to capture a niche market and they tend to do very well even though they will never reach the level or status of Google and Bing. One of the new search engines is RedZ. Originally called RedZee. RedZ has been featrued by many main stream media outlets.


RedZ is a search engine that has images for the search results. The results are limited but each result will be a page capture of the site. There is not a lot of detailed searches but RedZ seems to be doing great with a current Alexa ranking of 36,569.

RedZ has approached many website owners and offered them a PPC package. Many website owners are tired of the high cost of Google Adwords and have turned to search engines such as RedZ to offer them inexpensive PPC results for as little as $.05 a click. Some webmasters who have had bad results with Adwords simply do not understand how to efficiently use Google Adwords but they may have great results with Redz.

I do not understand how RedZ has as much traffic as they do. If you do a search for commonly searched adult terms it shows maybe 2-4 results and then an error pops up .RedZ does call its self a"family friendly search engine". If you use non adult terms such as "Hunting" you will get some results but the selection is very limited. RedZ appeals to families who want a family safe search engine for there kids so they will not be exposed to graphic images and websites designed for adults only.

Now for the downside of RedZ and it is a huge downside. Many people have analyzed traffic they have bought from RedZ and they consider RedZ traffic to be a flat out scam. RedZ had a toolbar you could install and once a user had installed it they could place there own ads overlayed on Google or other search engines. If a user tried out the RedZ toolbar and decided they wanted to do a Google Search they would see RedZ ads on the actual Google website. This is flat out fraud. RedZ has tried to position themselves as a family safe search engine but when analyzed many people consider RedZ to a company that will hurt individual users simply to make a profit.

Is RedZ a scam. I'll let you be the judge of that. Many people feel they are trying to defraud schools around the country by trying to get them to download and install the user tool bar which will then overlay there ads on other websites search results such as Google.