Reebok Hockey

Most people know the name Reebok. Up until a few years ago, that name was almost entirely thought of in the form of a shoe company. When you heard the name, you probably said to yourself, "Oh, yeah tennis shoes!" I know that's what I thought. Being a hockey player myself, I've always seen them in the field of equipment in some form. It is so vague in my memory, that I am almost sure that they started making hockey stuff about 2 years after I started playing. I can't remember them doing so right when I started. I didn't see any hockey equipment made by Reebok anywhere in the sports stores.

I almost always saw the usual brands like Bauer and CCM. No other shoe company other than Nike was making hockey gear. At least, that's what I remember. As time went on I continued playing roller hockey, but didn't play it as much. It was in this time period that I started to notice fellow hockey players wearing Reebok hockey equipment. I also noticed that the gear they were sporting looked incredibly well made as compared to when I first started playing. It was obvious to me that this hockey company moved up quite a few notches. They started to become a big force in the inline hockey equipment world.

A few years later I noticed that they were now joining the ranks in the NHL. I saw that NHL team jerseys all had the Reebok logo on them. Now, keep in mind that I still had my old NHL jersey with the CCM logo on it. I was wondering why in the world would the NHL switch over CCM. CCM is a reputable hockey company that has been around for years. I started doing some research and noticed that Reebok was now the official NHL equipment provider. That's a huge title to hold if you are in the hockey business. Think of the advertising. Anyways I did a little more research and found out that Reebok had bought out CCM. This shoe company seems to be following Nike's footsteps and so far they seem to be at the top right now.

One thing I will definitely say is that hockey equipment choices have gotten less and less throughout the years. The number of companies producing gear seems to be dwindling because of all the buyouts. The upside to all that is that it appears we are now getting extremely well made equipment and sometimes it costs less to purchase it as well.