Reebok and New Balance have nearly cornered the market for men and women’s walking shoes. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when finding which is better. We are going to look at online ratings for each shoe and prices (taken from manufacturer websites) to see who makes better walking shoes: New Balance or Reebok.

Reeboks Top 5 Walking Shoes

1. Lifewalk DMX Max

The DMX Max retails for $64.99. This is Reebok's most basic walking shoe that features a beveled heel to engage leg muscles. There is added bridge support for comfort. There are only two reviews on Amazon and they are both five-star reviews.

2. Easy Tone Reeinspire

The Easy Tone line has recently found a great deal of airplay in television and radio ads stating that they can give you a better butt and legs. Reebok states that the rounded bottom of the shoe creates a rolling motion when walking that activates specific muscles. These shoes are only $64.99 and are very popular. Out of 137 customer reviews on Amazon this shoe has a solid 4 star rating.

3. Easy Tone Reenew

The difference between the Reenew and the Reeinspire is that the Reenew is $99.99 and sports pockets of air in the sole. The reason is to emulate walking on sand with the benefit being that it will tone the butt and legs. Twenty-seven customer reviews on Amazon averaged to a 4.25 star rating.

4. Easy Tone Go Outside 2

The Go Outside has the same claims of butt and leg enhancement as the Reenew but is a very different design and is half the price at $49.99. Out of 49 customer reviews on Amazon this shoe only has a 3.25 star rating. After reading through some complaints, it seems that the most prominent reason for lower ratings that the pockets of air in the soles popped or wore out. Other customers simply stated that the shoes fell apart too quickly.

5. Easy Tone Flash

Between Amazon and Zappos there were only a total of 3 reviews: two 4-stars and a 3-star. The Flash is $99.99 and comes in a variety of bright colors. Like all versions in the Easy Tone line, these shoes claim to give you a better butt and legs but do not feature the pockets of air in the sole.

New Balance Top 5 Walking Shoes

1. New Balance 967 Country Walking Shoe

The Country Walking Shoe is a more rustic looking walking shoe. New Balance claims lightweight arch support and superior cushioning in the sole lead to a more comfortable walk. The shoe retails for $104.99. Thirty-seven customer reviews on Amazon have averaged to a 4-star rating. Common complaints are that the shoes leak easily and the sizes are off.

2. New Balance 927

The 927 is probably New Balances most popular walking shoe. It retails for $124.99 and comes in a variety of monochrome colors. The shoes have garnered a 4-star average review from 103 wearers. Most of the lower reviews were complaining that the 927 are inferior to the 926, which is no longer in production. This is one of the best reviewed athletic shoes on Amazon.

3. New Balance 10

The New Balance Minimus walking shoe retails for $99.99 and probably offers the thinnest sole of all the shoes in this article. It carries an average 5-star review but only from three users. These shoes are certainly designed for walkers who require less support.

4. New Balance 577

The 577 is a double Velcro walking shoe that you typically see in all black. The four reviews give this shoe an average rating just over three stars but the only major complaint was that they were not like the model they replaced. Most of the reviews were positive for this $67.99 shoe. 

5. New Balance 879

The 978 is a hi-top walking shoe that is also billed as a hiking shoe. It is one of the most expensive shoes New Balance manufactures at $154.99. The shoe carries a solid four-star average.

And The Winner Is?


New Balance Totals - Average Price: $110.59 Average Review: 4.1 stars

Reebok Totals - Average Price: $78.99 Average Review: 4.1 stars

Each brand has its pros and cons when considering walking shoes. Reebok has a bit of a gimmick with the air pocket soles and claims of shoes being responsible for a better body. Reebok shoes run much cheaper than New Balance though: $30 on average. New Balance is also riding on the success of their flagship walking shoe; the 927, while their other varieties don't sell as much and have fewer reviews.

In the end I simply assumed that Reebok will have a new gimmick next year (remember the Pump?) and New Balance will still be releasing upgraded versions of their already popular walking shoe. The final determination is that New Balance makes better walking shoes than Reebok!

Happy walking!

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