reel lawn mower

A Reel push lawn mower is powered by you!

That is the difference between a reel mower and a gas powered or electric lawn mower.

These push mowers were invented back in the 1800's and were used for decades. They are popular and great for small yards and have their limitations but are great for the environment. They don't use any fossil fuel, and other than your human power they don't use up any of the environment's resources, plus they are quiet!

That being said, as with any equipment there are pro's and con's. The pro's are pretty obvious for a push reel mower. It doesn't require any fuels or electricity. The blades cut at an angle compared to the regular lawn mower which spins its blades directly above the grass at high speed, powered by the fuel.


no noise

you get a workout

you don't need gas or electricity so can take it anywhere in the yard

great for the environment

great for small yards

light weight (compared to the older models, there is more plastic in the new ones)

safer as when you stop so does it

very low maintenance costs


will not run over twigs like a gas powered mower. We have got pretty used to just driving that gas mower over anything and letting it cut up and spit out twigs and thick weeds and leaves etc.

will not cut really long grass

can be hard to push if you don't keep the blades sharp

hard to use on large yards, unless you are super fit

So, in making a decision about whether you should go for the reel push lawn mower or the typical mower, you need to understand the pro's and con's above. If you have a really big carpet of lawn to cut, then you could try a more environmentally friendly electric rechargeable model. At least you will be getting rid of the gas guzzler, and you should be able to cut your yard in one charge.

But if you can, and you would like to try and come away from anything using up our resources, give the reel mowers a try. Go to the hardware store, many are selling them, now as they have become quite popular in town. Walk behind it and see what you think, and picture your yard. If you have a typical subdivision yard of grass then this will do the trick for you.

You will just have to give it a quick walk over, to make sure there are no twigs that can get jammed up. For a small yard a reel push lawn mower is the ticket, because it is hardly worth firing up a gas guzzling mower for a few runs back and forth. Plus there is the time and maintenance involved with gas lawn mowers

I know personally with my gas mower, I have to change the spark plug every spring, and the filter. Then purchase my big jug of fuel to keep in the garage, and then the mess and smell of filling up the mower, I am getting rid of it this year and going green.

You can also go another route for your big carpet of grass. Get rid of it! Plant lots and lots of wild flower seeds and long ornamental grasses. Naturalize as much of your yard as you can into gardens that contain native plants. Plants from your own area. Then you don't have as much lawn to cut.

Now you can purchase your reel push lawn mower, as you will have much less to cut. So, now you have helped the environment, left a smaller carbon footprint, and saved yourself a lot of work and money in maintenance.