So your hardwood floors do not look as good as they used to. They are full of scuffmarks, scratches, and overall they are just dingy.

You need to admit that it is time to refinish your hardwood floors. In all honesty, it will be as painful as you can imagine. On the other hand, if refinish them, the floors will look better than you can imagine.

Step 1: Get the Room Ready

It is going to be you against the hardwood floors. Do not leave anything else in the way. Get rid of all the furniture, rugs, cats, dogs, and anything else that might separate you from the task. Once you have an empty room you're ready to start.

Step 2: Get the Tools Ready

You will need a floor sander to do this job. Buy a lot of sand paper, in different grades, to use with the floor sander. You will also need a shop vacuum and a broom for the inevitable mountains of sawdust you will create.

Step 3: Get Started

Choose a good starting point. It's important to have a game plan set out. Once you turn on the floor sander, it's too late to start planning. The floor sander will need to be constantly moving. If you stay in one spot you risk sanding too much and ruining your floor. It's smart to start in one corner and work your way out to the rest of the room.

Step 4: Keep It Up

Stop and vacuum as you need to. If you let the saw dust pile up you will not be able to tell what you have already done, and what you need to do. After you finish the floor once, switch to a lighter grained paper and do it again. When you have finished all of the floors for a second time you get to do them again. Like I said, this is not an easy task.

Step 5: Get the Corners

When you are done with the main floors you will need to sand the corners by using a corner sander. Remember, you have gone over the main floor with three different grades of paper. You need to do the same for the corners.

Step 6: Sweep It Up

Use a broom to get the wood floor as clean as possible. There always seems to be more sawdust, so just keep on sweeping.

Step 7: Get the Rag

Open up the windows. Then, using a rag, apply your stain of choice to the hardwood floors. Rub the stain in evenly throughout the floors. Wait for it to dry, and then put another coat down.

Step 8: Let It Dry

Let the stain dry for 72 hours. After this amount of time it will be safe to put all your stuff back. It took a bit of elbow grease but now your hardwood floors have been refinished.

Step 9: Have a Party

Go ahead; invite your friends over for a dance party. Just make sure they do not dance too hard on your nice refinished hardwood floors.