The Korean War never received the attention that it deserved. The “Korean Conflict” was largely ignored by the media as compared to the publicity and public awareness that the Vietnam War received. The Government was also largely unprepared for the frigid conditions that would soon confront American soldiers sent to fight the Korean War. These solders and other military members did not have the proper cold-weather training or even the appropriate cold weather clothing and gear.

Our soldiers and Marines are not well-prepared for cold weather fighting. For many years the Marines have been sending their warriors to places such as Bridgeport, California for cold weather mountain warfare training. This training especially paid off when we began sending troops to Afghanistan to fight in the rugged mountains that can often turn extremely cold.

The cause of the Korean War and American military intervention in the War is often explained as being one consisting of a lot of complexity; however in reality the causes of the North Korean War and American involvement in it are very simple.

Cause of the Korean War and American Troop Involvement

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Japan had occupied the Korean Peninsula. Japan left the Continent after surrendering during World War II. After Japan left the Allies split Korea in half. Korea did not have a choice in the matter. The Southern portion of the Korean Peninsula turned to a democratic government and the Northern portion of the Korean Peninsula turned to communism.

Americans were worried that if they allowed the North Korean Communists to enter the Southern region of Korea and spread communism to the South then it would make it much easier for other Countries to become “Commies”. We entered the Korean conflict to keep North Korea from making South Korea a communist Country and to use our American military force against the North Korean military to show any other Countries that wanted to spread communism what they could expect.

A cease fire was finally declared. It is often said that the Countries of North Korea and South Korea are still technically at war because no formal end of war was ever declared, only a cease-fire. Although this is partially true most historians and military experts consider the signing of the cease-fire to be the actual end of the War.

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Although the War could still break out at any moment and there have been some major concerns including the bombing of a South Korea Trawler by the North Koreans. The most important thing that came from the conflict for the Americans was the ability to protect the Southern Koreans from communism and a rapid expansion and funding of cold-weather gear and training for our soldiers.

Many people wonder why we would even get involved with the North Koreans because it was their own problem and not affecting us. This is an asinine view for many reasons. North Korea had been occupied by Japan for many years and then after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea declared War on both Japan and Nazi Germany. The enemies of the Korea were also the enemies of the Unite States. Korea showed a lot of love to the United States by also declaring war on the Nazis. It was not only seemingly in our best interests to help out South Korea to keep communism from spreading further south into the Korean Peninsula but it was also the appropriate thing to do. Korea supported the United States and then the United States backed up the South Koreans in the future when communism from the North attempted to move into the South forcefully. Fortunately other Countries at that time realized that is they supported the United States, even if just politically, then the Unite States would often return the favor in the future if the need ever arose.

Before the Country of Korea split there was no plans for it to occur. Unfortunately Korea did not hold open elections in 1948 to allow the people to pick a leader of the newly freed Country of Korea. Because of this the Korean Peninsula rapidly split into 2 geographic parts, the communists in the North and the free Democracy of the Koreans in the south. Which side won ultimately won and which side ultimately lost? Well you could say that both sides lost. The communists have free-reign in what is now called North Korea and Democracy is alive and rampant in what is now South Korea. Obviously South Korea is a better place for people to live; however many families have been permanently split apart because of the communist actions of the north. Although you may be a South Korean who is loving the dream of a truly free society, you may still have relatives who are in the North. No contact is allowed. Many people will never again see their parents, children, or siblings.

With all of the political actions that occurred and military crisis’s that continue into the modern day it is amazing that North Korea is able to still get by with their strict regime being closed off to the World; however all of these seemingly innocuous and unrelated actions have led to one thing for sure and that is much better equipment and training for modern the American troops. Is modern and up to date training and equipment enough to help stop the spread of communism? Only time will tell bit if the results in many of our modern conflicts say anything then the answer is an overwhelming yes. Up-to-date equipment and training helped the American troops in Afghanistan in a way that was not possible during the Korean War.

The sad truth is that all people on the Planet Earth should be free to live and do what they want, but liberties are often restricted even in Democratic societies. Before you go rampantly saying that the world is being overrun by a conspiracy to turn all Countries into Socialist Countries you should first look at and  learn what a truly Communistic Country is.