Alternative Medicine for Common Day Problems

How To Use Non Traditional Methods of Healing

Reflexology For Children

In today's current trends we are quick to toss a pill bottle to someone who has any aches, or pains, or whatever their ailment may be.

Children are no exception. When your child comes to you and says "Mommy, I don't feel good" most people's first instinct is to take the child's temperature and then grab some sort of off the shelf medicine. But what do you do when your child has Attention Deficit disorder (ADD) or Depression which are becoming more and more common in our youth today?

Do you reach for another pill? It's almost as if we have become dependent on a "cure all" pill for anything and everything that ails us. What's even worse is some of the horrendous side effects that come with some of these medications. When you have to take a drug to correct another drug it throws your body for a loop and keeps it in an almost constant form of chaos.

Now don't get me wrong western medicine is great and the advances we continue to make are phenomenal but what if there were a way to better ourselves and help what's bothering our children through natural treatment?

Which one would you rather opt for?

Reflexology, a natural massage like treatment performed and perfected by the ancient Chinese has been around for centuries and for a reason - it works. What the Chinese had discovered was that by stimulating specific areas on the body, such as your hands, ears, and feet, they could promote healing by cleansing the body of toxins. By targeting these specific areas it would force the body to "flush" the toxins through to the proper channels which allowed the body to rebalance its natural harmony.

Practicing Reflexology On Children - Is It Safe?

Parents often wonder just how safe this type of treatment can be and it's a viable concern. Reflexology is an all natural treatment that involves no needles, no medicine, no herbs. There are no invasive moves and it can be performed nearly anywhere.

Teaching children to look for alternative and natural remedies at an early age can keep them from being "programmed" to always reach for a pill bottle.

What Kind Of Problems Can Reflexology Help With?

The list is quit extensive but it has shown to help with Asthma, Respiratory Infections, Allergies, Teething, Stress Reduction, Ear Aches, Depression, Colic, and Sore Throats. Not to mention it also creates a calming and tranquil like state for the receiver that helps ease any anxiety or uneasiness.

Should I Stop Giving My Kids Medicine?

In a sense, no. Each and every situation is different and only a licensed medical doctor can tell you whether you should take your child off their current medications. What many parents do is incorporate reflexology into their current regimen.

Many have seen drastic improvements in the child's overall health with the additional treatment.

Before beginning any treatment you are unsure of or aren't familiar with I encourage you to seek and find a qualified professional that way you can have all your questions answered.