Reconditioned DC25 Animal Overview

Essentially... buying a 'refurbished' Dyson DC25 Animal vacuum cleaner is a great way of  getting a top-of-the-line (quality) upright vacuum cleaner, without having to spend a small fortune in order to get hold of it.

There are a couple of issues however -- that I want to point and help you out with, before you go ahead with buying the DC25 Animal.

Firstly, that of actually finding a reconditioned Dyson DC25 Animal for the best price i.e best websites & places to look online to get hold of it cheaply, as well as a brief discussion on general considerations and 'things to think about' when buying a remanufactured DC25 Animal (e.g. warranties).

Where to Buy a Refurbished Dyson DC25 Animal?

To make sure you get the best price for a refurbished Dyson DC25 animal, you need to conduct a little bit of research, as prices are constantly varying -- the following is a list of some of the 'better' places to look online in order to find a refurbished DC25 Animal cheaply. This is a great place to look for a cheap 'refurbished Dyson DC25 Animal' -- where Amazon, in addition to offering the DC25 Animal brand new for sale, they also offer a list of independent companies that retail repaired Dysons too -- usually at huge slashed down prices. Furthermore, they also come with a clear and specific warranty when bought through Amazon of around 6 months (more on this below), and  you can be rest assured about the quality of the machine (& excellent customer service if you run into any issues) as you are buying through a leading reputable online retailer. The carboot of the world is also another clever place to go hunting out a cheap Dyson DC25 refurbished -- it is likely the best place online where you are going to get it at the cheapest price, with it being an auction as well as people being skeptical from buying it through an individual rather than a company (and again this is something that you should consider if you decide to go through eBay -- especially when it comes to warranties etc.) it will drive the price down. Tip: Be sure to go through as well to profit from seller's spelling mistakes. Another huge online retailer that you can trust, that sells the refurbished Dyson DC25 animal vacuum cleaners directly -- so again you can be assured if you were to run into any difficulties you will be likely to have your problems quickly resolved. Moreover, they do offer you a direct warranty on the vacuum cleaner also, along with all the functioning accessories of the DC25 Animal including that of the motorised pet hair tool.

From It would be a good idea to check directly from the manufactures -- Dyson themselves to see if they are selling a refurbished DC25 animal, as they are usually holding some sort of varied - promotion on their products.

A Few Things to Consider...

What's in the Box?

When you buy the DC25 Animal brand new, you know exactly what comes in the box -- in terms of accessories, tools and attachments (the crevice tool, combination tool and the motorised mini turbine head) etc. However you can't be so sure when buying a refurbished model you are being offered the same. So check before you buy that you know what you are getting -- do you get the above tools or just some, do they even work? etc.


This is a point that may be of some concern to you -- when you buy a refurbished Dyson you are not offered the same deal in terms of warranty as a new Dyson. Where when you buy the new Dyson DC25 Animal it automatically is granted with a 5 Years warranty which covers everything (parts and labour etc.), a refurbished model however is dependent on where you purchase it from, for example through Amazon it usually comes with a 6 months  specified warranty -- but be sure to find out! This is probably the biggest factor that you have to bear in mind when considering going refurbished versus brand new.

Additional Charges

The main point that I wanted to point out here is just to watch out for shipping charges, as usually with a brand new model it is free -- but with a refurbished make sure that you pay attention to the post and packaging etc. and to add that to the price of the refurbished model to get a better idea as to which offer site/company is providing you with the best deal.

Alternative Models?

Have you considered all the other Dyson models? Specifically ... is the DC25 right for you?Be sure that you have done your research and your comparisons (e.g. DC25 Vs DC33DC25 Vs DC41 etc.), as you may find that a different model is in fact better suited to your needs and preferences, which will hence provide you with a better 'value' vacuum cleaner for the same price.

From the above you can see that there are a few things to consider and weigh up when buying the refurbished Dyson DC25 animal.