Buying a Refurbished Air Multiplier

By buying a remanufactured Dyson bladeless fan -- you are not only getting one of the most advanced domestic air-manipulating technologies that is available on the market, but you also don't have to go and break the bank in order to get hold of one. In this article I will firstly show you the top places online to go find a refurbished Dyson air multiplier to buy, and secondly provide you with a rough price range on how much you might be looking at to buy a refurbished Dyson fan compared to that of a brand new model (to each individually -- AM01, AM02, AM03 and AM04). Then lastly, a few additional considerations you may want to think about before going straight ahead with purchasing a re-modelled Dyson fan (or AM04: heater + fan).

Where to Buy Refurbished Dyson Fans?

There are literally hundreds of choices to choose from when looking to buy a refurbished Dyson Air Multiplier -- with multiple websites retailing them. However... there are some specific websites you should definitely take a look at, as they are likely to provide you with a greater chance of finding the ideal model than others. Such places are as listed below.

Amazon: This is the retailing giant of the internet, if you are going to find a good deal on a refurbished Air Multiplier anywhere online, then this is (more than likely) going to be the place. If you go and check Amazon out you will find that they host a range of refurbished Dyson fans across all their models (specified in more detail below). However, although refurbished models are sold through the Amazon platform, you will find that it will be individual companies that are actually selling you the refurbished model instead of Amazon themselves.

Hence two things to note i) check the seller's rating (I recommend them to be at least 90+%, with notably sales history) and ii) remember the stock availability will vary (i.e there will be a limited amount of refurbished models at certain times), hence you should return back every now and again and check up if any new refurbished models are listed in stock. To find refurbished Dyson fans either i) search for 'refurbished AM01' for example or ii) check for a listed refurbished model under a new Dyson fan e.g. AM01 and it should appear along side other retailers who are selling for 'new', 'used' and 'refurbished', just under the initial fold.

Dyson: the manufacturer of the product themselves often hold specialised 'promotions' and 'special offers' which often includes the sale of remanufactured machines which on occasion includes their air multiplier range. So be sure to check their site and see if they currently have any in stock, but don't be disheartened if they aren't retailing any fans at the moment, they often introduce new deals on a fairly regular basis. Hence, make sure to keep a look out.

eBay: often termed as the 'car-boot of the world' is a fantastic place to find a refurbished Dyson fan -- simply head over to ebay's search engine and type in a phrase such as 'Refurbished Dyson Fans' and you will be listed with a whole range of options. But, be sure to do a little studying into the listing in order to ensure you get the best deal e.g. check past deals that have been made, what type of price they go for, seller ratings history etc. and be careful with postage and packaging prices too.

eBay tip: be sure to head over to to benefit from typos and misspelt words as well. 

Deal Sites: if you were to search for 'Refurbished Dyson fans' into a search engine you will find that there are a lot of small find-a-deal esque websites out there highlighting the best deals and price listed from retailers -- e.g. Refurbished Dyson Fan listed at $209.00 and they would then refer you to another site to buy it. So it is worth checking them out but just be a little bit cautious where you are buying it from etc. For me I prefer to buy through the larger sites (as listed above) as you know they have i) a good reputation and ii) and top class customer service -- so if you did have a problem they are usually very willing to help solve your problem in one way or the other.

Dyson Air Multiplier Models 

AM01 (Table Fan) -- the smallest of the range is the AM01 which comes in two sizes (and a variety of colours) either the 10 inch or the 12 inch (the latter being slightly more expensive) and is specifically designed to provide a smooth flow of air for those at a desk-based working area  (generally for smaller spaces). Brand new it retails for around the $300 mark -- for a refurbished AM01 fan you can expect to pay between the $180 to $240 price range.

For more information and a detailed review of the AM01 (Desk Fan) please click here.

AM02 (Tower Fan) -- the tower fan is my personal favourite from the range in terms of looks and functionality -- is primarily designed for 'large area cooling' which speed and oscillation settings can be adjusted through a remote control. You will find that 'brand new' the tower fan fetches in the region of around $450. However, for a refurbished AM02 model you should be expecting to pay in the region of $300 to $360.

For more information and a detailed review of the AM02 (Tower Fan) please click here.

AM03 (Pedestal Fan) -- This air multiplier, like the AM02 is intended for whole room cooling, and is accompanied with an remote control, along with touch-tilt ability, oscillation and adjustable height -- presenting an all round model intended for many practical uses. Again, like the AM02 it is also priced at around $450, hence for a refurbished AM03 you can again be expecting to pay a similar region of between $300 to $360.

For more information and a detailed review of the AM03 (Pedestal Fan) please click here.

AM04 (Heater + Fan) -- This model has the ability to work as both a fan (for smaller spaces) and a heater (for larger areas), as well as coming with a remote control and additional touch tilt, oscillation features -- coming at a price of around the $400 mark, so a refurbished AM04 model will be in the range of $280 to $330.

For more information and a detailed review of the AM04 (Heaterl Fan) please click here.

(Please note the price guides are just rough estimates, based on my own experience and research, hence you may encounter cheaper or more expensive refurbished models). 

A Few Things to Consider Before Buying a Refurbished Dyson Fan

The cheapest price doesn't mean the best deal -- you will find from the factors listed below that there are some additional considerations (apart from the price) that you need to comprehend before going ahead with buying a refurbished Dyson AM01, AM02, AM03 or AM04.

Postage and Packaging -- as briefly mentioned in the eBay section, you need to take into consideration how much will the fan actually cost altogether i.e price + shipping charges. Where although it may be cheaper at first glance, it could end up being actually being more expensive than a retailer who offers the refurbished fan at a higher price but with free delivery.

Accessories -- make sure you are clear about the accessories you are expecting e.g. does it come with the remote controller or not? As well as any additional details you may feel are important such as original boxing and information manuals for the Dyson fans.

Warranty -- perhaps one of the most important considerations to be aware of is what warranty rights do you have when you buy the Dyson fan second hand as well as being refurbished -- make sure of what you have rights to BEFORE purchasing. This is one of the main reasons why people buy a brand new model compared to that of a refurbished model, as they are provided with a couple of years of parts and labour covered -- however some retailers provide a warranty of their own on some of the products (or a warranty passed on).

As you can see, when you are interested in buying refurbished Dyson bladeless Fans, there are a lot of factors and options to take into consideration.