A refurbished Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner is probably the best option you have to get a cleaner from the well-known leader in the industry without breaking your wallet.  I’ll show you the best places to shop for them, explain to you how much you can expect to pay, and share some additional information you might want to keep in mind before you make your purchase.  Unlike a canister or upright cleaner, these are easy to move around, cordless, and work great on stairs and for small spills and areas that just need a touchup.


Dyson DC35 Multi floor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner- Factory Reconditioned
Amazon Price: $329.00 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

Where to Shop

You have multiple choices to shop for a remanufactured Dyson handheld vacuum.  While you can buy them virtually anywhere, there are a few places where you’ll have better luck than others.  The list below shows the best places to look for the refurbished models for sale.

Direct from Manufacturer:  Visit the Dyson website and see what they have up for sale.  You’ll find good pricing from the maker, but you might be able to do a little better elsewhere.  Still, it’s a great option to keep in mind as you do your shopping for a refurbished Dyson handheld vacuum under 200 dollars.  If you buy direct, you get free shipping, so you might pay a bit more upfront, but less overall.

Amazon:  The online retail giant has refurbished dyson handhelds with great pricing on the DC31 and DC35 models.  Both are rebuilt and come with a warranty when you buy from Amazon.  You’ll find great prices and customer service as well, since you’ll be dealing with an online retail leader.  If you have never made a purchase from this seller in the past, check them out now to see what they have to offer you as a consumer.

Overstock:  You can find the DC31 for sale at under 160 dollars.  That’s a great deal and it’s coming from a well-known seller that you can trust.  As time goes by, they are likely to have other models available for sale at cheap prices, so you will not have to overpay for quality technology.

eBay:  As with almost any type of product you can imagine, you can buy them on eBay or other online auction sites as well.  Keep your eyes open and you will find a good deal out there.


Dyson DC34 Handheld
Amazon Price: $155.10 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

Models Available

DC31:  This is the older multi-floor model, but you can still find them for sale out there, at right around $150, making it a great option to keep in mind.  While it is the older model, it still is much better than most traditional cordless vacuum cleaners you will find out there on the market.  If you shop around a little, you might be able to find an even better price, so keep your eyes and ears open and ready for bargains.

DC34:  This cordless handheld vac has a digital motor that spins about 3 times faster than traditional motors.  You will enjoy better suction as a result, which makes quick work of the cleaning you have to do.  With the increased power, MAX power, and long lasting battery life, you will most likely think this is the best vacuum cleaner you have ever owned.  The animal is great.

DC35:  The multi-floor model is a great option to keep in mind.  It’s one of the latest and greatest that you will find from the manufacturer.  It has a slim attachment, a detachable wand, to reduce back fatigue and can be used on multiple floors.  This one is just under 300 dollars from the maker, but you might be able to find it for less from the other sellers listed previously in this article.  With 15 full minute of high suction power, it will last more than long enough to tackle small jobs during cleaning.

DC16:  The IRZ and Root 6 Pink, both older models, can be found really cheap.  In fact, you can buy this refurbished Dyson handheld under 100 dollars from online sellers, if you search a little.   I’ve seen them not only under 100 dollars, but under 90 dollars in some cases.  This is a great option to keep in mind if you are budget conscious.  Keep your eyes open and search by model to see if you can find a deal on a reconditioned unit for sale cheap.


Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi floor cordless vacuum cleaner
Amazon Price: $399.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

Additional Considerations

Anytime you buy a remanufactured Dyson handheld unit, there are some considerations you will have to take into account before you shell out a couple hundred bucks or more.  In the list below, you will find some of the things you should keep in mind.

Shipping Charges:  The manufacturer offers free shipping on all orders, but they also charge a slightly higher price.  Other online sellers might be able to charge a little less.  If you look for specials and sales, you might be able to find free shipping or very reasonably priced shipping.  This can quickly add up and make a bargain more expensive than it would be from a different seller.

Warranty:  You will not get the same warranty with a refurbished Dyson.  The new models have a great 2 year warranty, but if you buy the refurb models, you will only get a 6 month warranty.  This means you will have a little less coverage if you have issues with your cordless handheld.  Keep this in mind.  While the price is cheaper, it means less coverage over the life of the unit you own.  This is a major consideration that you might keep in mind as you look at the pros and cons of them.

Older Models:  If you are very budget conscious, the older models, like the DC16 are a great option.  You will find they are not quite as technologically advanced as the newer units, but they are still better than virtually any alternative you will find out there.    If pricing is the main concern, this is likely to be your very best option.

As you can see, when it comes to refurbished Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners, you have lots of options to take into account.

Dyson DC31 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $208.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 21, 2016)