You can find refurbished laptops for sale nearly everywhere these days where you find brand new or used systems. They have become a way for people to get a hold of computers at a lower cost or that are otherwise outside of their financial reach.

What does "Refurbished" mean?

When something is referred to as Refurbished it basically means restoring and or upgrading an item such as desktop computers or laptops to working condition.

An example is when something goes wrong with a standard laptop or other computer, lets just say the hard drive or fan goes out and the system is no longer usable or usable with limited functionality. A professional or someone with computer know how can take the system apart and replace the malfunctioning equipment with new or other working parts to fix the problem and it is now a fully functioning laptop once again.

It will depend on the person doing the refurbishing as to whether the replacement parts used are new parts or from pre-owned systems with functioning parts.

Where do these People and Companies get these Refurbished Laptops for Sale?

Often times when something goes wrong with a system the customer will either return the items to the place of purchase for replacement, offer the non working system for sale at discount or for trade or simply give it away. These items are often purchased by refurbisher's in order to resale at a profit or are kept and refurbished by the manufacturer or authorized dealers and then put back up for sale often for a smaller price.

Finding Quality Refurbished Laptops for Sale

Licensed Sellers and Companies

A big part of getting quality is finding sellers that have a history dealing in and with refurbished electronics. This allows you the opportunity to seek out feedback and reviews from others who have purchased from them. If the company is licensed as a business you can also check for complaints and reviews listed through the BBB to ensure the products you intend to purchase are quality and to see if any negative feedback has been received pertaining to how disputes have previously been handled.

Another perk to finding actual companies and licensed refurbishing sellers is you can often times get a warranty along with any refurbished laptops for sale that they offer. This is typically standard procedure for refurbished laptops offered direct from manufacturers or through their authorized resellers.

Non Licensed Individuals and Sellers

Should you decide to purchase through an individual who is offering a refurbished laptop then be sure to test it out before purchase. They should have no issues with you ensuring that it connects both through a wired or WiFi connection (if applicable) as well as starts up, opens programs and shuts down normally. You can also request a handwritten and signed receipt and description that clearly states the "working condition" and any defects of the laptop and any verbal guarantees that were stated in person or through advertisements. I'd suggest if the person you are purchasing through is also the one who refurbished the laptop to inquire and even get in writing as to what parts have been upgraded or replaced.

Where to Look for Refurbished Laptops for Sale

Direct to the Manufacturers and Authorized Companies

Computer manufacturers such as Dell, Toshiba, HP and others will often offer manufacturer refurbishes directly on their website. The cost savings are not always too extreme when dealing direct but chances that the PC you are purchasing is in top notch working order is more guaranteed.

Online Selling Platforms

Sites such as and offer a broad selection of refurbished laptops for sale some of those listings are made direct through authorized dealers as well as other resellers. One of the perks to using online platforms to buy used and refurbished electronics is that they often offer both clear warranties and guarantees and you can compare prices and descriptions without having to search through tons of fine print.

What to Expect When Buying Quality Refurbished Laptops for Sale


Conditions can vary no matter who you are purchasing through. A lot of times this is dependent upon the age and condition of the laptop when it was received by the refurbishing company. Some may have clear signs of use such as scratches (light, deep, faint etc on the casings and screens), dents, stickers or other imperfections - often even those these flaws will not inhibit actual use of the item there is usually significant savings on these products.

Other times you can find laptops that are in like near or great condition with little to no signs of use. Depending on the upgrades put into these refurbished laptops these can sometimes be priced higher than those with noticeable flaws.

Features and Functions

As with the condition the features and functions such as operating systems and programs such as Word, Works, Photoshop etc will depend on what is being offered and by whom. There is typically no standard for what extras must be added and is often just a perk or additional selling feature for the refurbisher. Chances are though that these will at the very least come with basic functions and worst case scenario generic programs. You can always upgrade a lot of these things yourself though and if you are saving enough on the actual purchase price of the refurbished laptops then it may still be worth it.

If for any reason the description on the refurbished laptops for sale is vague and does not include information on the system be sure to inquire. Some of the things that you want and need to know before purchasing a used or reconditioned laptop are:

  • Operating system
  • WiFi and Wireless capabilities
  • Office programs or other add ons
  • Space and Memory available
  • Is the system upgradeable
  • Warranty and or other guarantees and does coverage have additional fees
  • Video Card Specifications (for gamers especially)
  • Does it have a DVD/ROM
  • Any extras that come with it ( i.e. laptop skins, bags, mouse)