Refurbished MP3 players are the best kept secret since Area 51. Everyone loves ipods and other MP3 players and would love to have at least 2 but some of them are a little pricey. I see people jogging with an MP3 player strapped to their arm. You'll see them everywhere, malls, grocery stores, restaurants, sporting events, etc. People cannot go out without their favorit MP3 player.

If you are wanting one of two but don't want to spend a couple hundred dollars, then here is a secret that most people don't know about. It's called refurbished MP3 players or refurbished Shuffle or refurbished ipods.

I know, now you're wanting to know what a refurbished MP3 player is right? Most people think refurbished MP3 players are defective or broken MP3 players but this is far from the truth. They are not broken or damaged or defective or factory seconds. Refurbished means that the item was returned to the store for some reason. It could have been any reason, like wrong color, scratched, missing parts or manual, got a better price some where else, wrong model, don't like it or don't want it now. There are thousands of reasons why people return items. You just never know and that does not matter. It does not matter if the MP3 player was broken or scratched. And here is why.

Once the MP3 player has been returned to the retail store, it is sent off to a repair station. It is then tested thoroughly. If it fails any test, it is repaired with new parts and tested again. Everything has to pass or it is not sold. Once the MP3 player passes all tests it is returned to the retail store and marked and sold as "refurbished". Returned MP3 players can never be sold as new MP3 players, it is against the law. These repaired or returned MP3 players are sold at a discount because they are refurbished.

Refurbished MP3 players are actually new MP3 players and come with a full factory warranty. They work just like new and look like new too. Just because of the law, they cannot be sold as new. This is great for the consumer because you can save 50% or more on all refurbished MP3 players. I bought a refurbished Shuffle for $30. New Shuffle iPods typically retail for $79.

If you are in the market for a MP3 player than check out refurbished MP3 players. You can save 50% or more. You can get 2 for the rpice of one. Refurb MP3 players are hot.