Cheap Sectional Office Furnishings

Refurbished modular office furniture can help you save a ton of money on your business or household furnishing needs.  You’ll find savings of well over 50% when you shop this way, making it a very cheap alternative to buying new direct from the store.  In this article, I’d like to share some options you’ll have as you look for bargain on these types of items for your house and business office.  Protect your bottom line with recycled and save some money.

What Is Modular Furniture?

This is pre-made furniture that can be pieced together in various forms to work around the office.  It’s similar to modular coaches and home furnishing that can be assembled and put together in various forms and shapes.  It is popular because it can fit into different sized and shaped rooms, making it a very versatile option for just about anyone, especially those in a business setting with limited space.

As you look around, you’ll find that not all mod furniture is created equally.  Some will click together or be held as one piece with various fashioners.  Others will simply sit on their own together, but are prone to movement and coming apart.  In most cases, if you go really cheap, the connection system will not be nearly as good.

 What You'll Find

There are a number of different types of office furniture you can buy that will save you money.  Listed below are some of the options you’ll have as you shop around for great bargains.

Cubicles:  This is a great option to consider as you look to create the interior space of an office without adding walls and making expensive building adjustments.  They come in various shapes and sizes and are very adjustable.  They offer at least some semblance of privacy in an otherwise crowded office space.

Shelves:  Since they are adjustable, modular shelves for the office or for the home can be a great option to keep in mind.  You can buy multiple sections at a time and put them together to fit your space.  Corner pieces are often available, so you can work around corners.  Sectional office furniture is a great option to keep in mind for your business or home.  These can be panel mounted or freestanding.

Desks:  Whether contemporary or modern, you’ll find all kinds of refurbished modular desks that can suit your office or home needs.  Since they are reconditioned and look like new, you’ll often find them much cheaper than you’d pay at the traditional furniture stores.

Tables/Counters:  There’s so much more to office space than cubicles.  Nice refurbished sectional tables and countertops are available for sale for much less than you’ll pay at home improvement stores.  You will find the prices to be pretty cheap when compared to the others, and you can choose from a variety of wood species and materials, in multiple colors and styles.

Cabinets:  This is another great option to keep in mind as you look at refurbished officer furniture in modular form.  You’ll find you can get all kinds of shapes and sizes, and even get corner pieces to put together to fit odd sized spaces and rooms.  These generally will need to be wall mounted and not freestanding for safety purposes.  Various stains, colors, and styles will be available.

Seating:  You can get sectional seating in a number of forms.  If you want customers comfortable, padded seats or even couches and chairs can be installed.  You’ll be able to put together as many of them as you need and they often come pre-assembled in sections or clusters.

Where to Shop for Refurbished Office Furniture

There are a number of places you can shop for this kind of furniture.  Listed below are just a few of the choices you’ll have as you look to furnish your office and business space.

Handymen:  This is a great option.  Many people buy up old, worn out, used items and repair them for sale.  You’ll get a hand crafted look if the person doing the refinishing is talented.  This is a great alternative to consider to shopping at traditional stores.

Second Hand Stores:  This is another good option to keep in mind as you search.  Some of the items may be scratched and dented, but many sellers refinish and repair the items prior to sale.  You’ll find old-world quality, including Amish made in some cases, and the price will be right.

Auctions:  This is another good option to look at, especially during store closing sales.  You’ll find that many companies go belly-up after only a few months, so the modular office equipment they have up for sale can go really cheap.  In many cases, the companies will have refurbished items ready to go and get put into your space.

Online Sellers:  This really is a good option to keep in mind.  You’ll find many online sellers and websites out there that specialize in repaired and refinished furnishings for business settings.  You’ll find styles and sectionals pretty cheap, so it will save some money, especially if you can find free shipping and handling deals.

Alternatives to Consider

As with anything else, you might want to consider some alternatives that will help you save even more money on your items.  The list below contains some options to keep mind.

RTA New:  Ready to assemble items are a good alternative.  The products are often sold for very reasonable prices, so you won’t have to break the bank to get your business setting looking great.

Used:  In some cases, scratch and dent office furniture is the best option.  In some cases, the scratch and dent shelves, cabinet, cubicles, and other items have damage that is nearly impossible to detect.  It’s a great option to keep in mind.  Since businesses go out of business often, you might be able to simply ask the owner if they are willing to sell the fixtures, cubicles, and other items they have.

Rental:  Why not rent office equipment and furnishings?  It’s a cost effective option to keep in mind, especially when you are first starting out.  You can always buy later as money allows.

You have lots of options to keep in mind as you look at refurbished modular office furniture for sale.