Are you shopping for refurbished washer and dryer sets?  Well there are many places to find them both online and locally at your neighborhood retailers.  There are some things that you’ll want to be sure to consider when shopping for these refurbished laundry machines though and we’ll discuss them here.


When considering refurbished machines the most important thing to find out is who did the refurbishing.  The ideal is for the units to be factory reconditioned or refurbished.  That way you know that the original manufacturer did the work.  They know the washer or dryer best and so their work should be the most trustworthy.

If the unit is factory refurbished the documentation will definitely say that.  If you’re searching online it’s almost always stated in the product description as retailers know that this is an important factor.


The main goal when purchasing refurbished items is to be able to get them at a discount from what you would pay for new machines.  To that end, be sure to compare the price on the refurbished unit to the pricing on new units.  Occasionally, especially if the retailer is running a sale, new pricing is not much more than refurbished pricing. 

If that is true, it’s up to you to decide whether you still want to get a refurbished unit if the price difference is not that significant.  You can also ask the salesperson’s opinion on the matter, but realize that if they are commission based they may have more incentive to sell one or the other and so may be biased.


The very nature of refurbishing means that these units are not as readily available as new units.  If you can’t find a washer with the features that you want that is refurbished you’ll need to decide whether the cost savings is worth giving up some features that you want.  You may end up happier by going with the new clothes dryer that has all the features you want rather than the refurbished one which does not.

Color, size, gas/electric, cycle options, steam are all things that may not be available, so prioritize your lists of desires before starting to shop and be ready to compromise on certain things if you’re committed to buying refurbished.

Where to buy?

It is possible to find refurbished or reconditioned units at the national stores. and the Sears Outlet came up quite frequently during my search so be sure to check those out.  Overall though, I’ve had better luck shopping local or regional stores for whatever reason.  And actually, in Minnesota where I live, there are some retailers that specialize in refurbished appliances and only carry them.  If you look around you should be able to find some places to go check out some refurbished units.

Overall, buying refurbished can be a great way to save money on your appliance purchase regardless of whether you’re looking for a washer and dryer or a refrigerator or stove.  The principles are the same.  Do your homework and you should have no problem finding refurbished washer and dryer options.