Have you ever re-gifted a gift? Is this something that you would do?  I have re-gifted gifts and I am sure I have received gifts that have been re-gifted.  Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the same with gifts.  One person may feel their gift is trash or ugly, where another might look at that same gift as a treasure. Each person’s perception is different.

I recall watching the TV show “Are We There Yet?”  Nick, the father gave the same gift to his mother and his wife.  Both mother and wife attempted to re-gift the gift, because neither of them liked the gift.  They eventually found out he had given them the same gift and both of them were upset. 

While watching the Steve Harvey show, a young man wanted Steve’s opinion about getting his mother and his girlfriend the same gift to  save money  in this economy.   What if he did give the same gift  and the girlfriend and mother re-gifted to each other and found out they had the same gift?  Steve suggested getting different gifts and getting his mother something especial.  I agree with that.  After all if it was not for mother’s many of us would not be here.

Making a list is great when giving to family members.  I usually ask family members to make a list of things they would like.   Then I can go to the list and have several options to choose from.  Also, usually making  a list will be something that they usually like.  Just be careful, I recall putting a sweater on my list of gifts one time.   The sweater I received was really not my style at all.  So sometimes if you and the giver have different tastes that can backfire.

Then I recall a woman stating everything on her families list was quite expensive.   When that happens, a discussion is helpful, especially if the giver cannot afford to give expensive gifts.    I recall watching a boy open his Christmas gift to find it was exactly what he wanted and had listed on his lists of gifts, “a Beyblade.”   To my surprise I observed his brother was more excited than he was shouting, “You got it, thank you Lord.”

Someone once stated, “Most people give the gifts that they like and not the gifts the receiver wants.”  I have found that is true.  One person stated, “Just give me money and forget about the card, the money you are spending on a card you could give to me too.  “Cards did not excite this person, but money did.

Gift Cards(125345)Credit: wikipedia.org,,Tom Eppenberger Jr. Color-corrected and cropped by Daniel Case Author, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Usually cash and gift cards are safe to give, because people can buy what they want with it, but then  be careful there too. A person once told me that they received enjoyment out of opening a gift as opposing to receiving a gift card or cash. 

American cash(125344)Credit: wikipedia.org,Psychonaught author,public domain.

Joyce Walder at Nytimes.com states that one woman was given a meat grinder for a gift; unfortunately bits of meat were still in it.  I could just imagine her reaction.

So should you decide to re-gift, be careful and be considerate of the other person that you are giving this gift to.  [6482]