If you are dealing with a slow computer, chances are good that you have a problem within your registry. Registry errors are tough to detect, as they lie rooted within a mountain of folders, making it almost impossible to go through manually to find corrupt and error files.

What is a Registry?

A registry is what is responsible for running all programs and applications on a computer (as well as the operating system, too). Over time, as different software is added, removed or upgraded, registry files can become corrupt, damaged or even unused. This causes the registry to clog up with unneccessary files, thus slowing down a computer's speed and decreasing its performance.

How to Clean the Registry

In order to speed up a computer that is infected with corrupt registry files, the registry must be cleaned properly to eliminate any bad files. While this process can be done manually, it not only is time consuming - it should be done by a professional. The last thing you want to do is to accidentally delete a critical system file, causing your PC to crash and become inoperable as the result. You'd end up having to reinstall everything all over again, and you would also lose any unsaved data. Not good.

The best way to eliminate bad files in a registry is to use a registry cleaner. Registry cleaners can detect and erase corrupt and unused registry files within the few clicks of a mouse. They do all of the dirty work and do it safely without harming the computer. Plus, they save you time and money. You no longer have to haul your computer into the local shop to waste a ton of cash to get it fixed.

Registry cleaners usually come with a number of features, but it's most important to find one that specializes in cleaning registry files. You don't need to use any of those "all in one" programs, as they typically don't specialize in any specific function.

If you currently suffer from a slow computer, you should look into cleaning your registry. You'll notice an increased speed and performance within a matter of minutes. For a computer that's not performing up to par, it's well worth the time and investment.