RegZooka Registry Cleaner Review

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RegZooka Registry Cleaner

RegZooka is among the current registry cleaning utilities available. A good registry cleaner installed in your workstation is just as imperative as having a dependable virus scanner. The registry mainly regulates all the settings and a range of controls on your computer; therefore, it is among the most important specifications of the system and must not be neglected nor underestimated.

The system registry functions as a database on your computer.  Each computer and OS or operating system has one and here is where all types of valuable data are stored.

The built in software and OS are not capable enough to attend to the system registry. Windows, for example, has no built in utility available to facilitate registry optimization. All versions are the alike. Taking into account a massive scope of the database, the operating system can automatically look after it, but after a few months, it is definitely inevitable that your computer system will need cleaning out using a third party program such as RegZooka.


 Advantages of Using RegZooka Registry Cleaner

Given that the registry is an enormous database, and practically every program that you install to your computer goes through the registry; therefore, it should be optimised and maintained in tiptop condition. A regular cleaning procedure which includes deleting any unused and redundant entries gives your computer a notably faster performance.

 RegZooka can solve your computer's reliability problems. Reliability can be compromised when some programs are missing or those that were incorrectly installed. During a program uninstallation process your operating system cannot really totally carry out the procedure. Often, there are files left over on the computer and while those can be manually deleted, there are other keys left buried in the registry which should also be removed but are frequently overlooked. This is where RegZooka comes in handy.

The fact is, it is virtually impossible to even inspect the registry manually and sort out each problem by your self. RegZooka scans the registry for you and eliminates any unused information and duplicate entries including keys that were left behind by programs which were removed from your computer some time ago.

RegZooka has a free version you can install to scan the registry of your computer, so you can have a better idea of what is needed to increase your computer's reliability.

Upon installation of the program, RegZooka will start scanning your computer for errors. When completed, a report will be shown which reveals the problems discovered carefully classified by type. Some problems you may choose to ignore. You may also decide then to allow the program to fix the problems that have been found.


Disadvantages of RegZooka

RegZooka’s unregistered version won't fix anything. The registered program allows you to make a backup version of the registry, to let you to restore it in the future when disaster happens. Unfortunately, this function is not available in the unregistered version. Registry defragmenting is likewise not available in the unregistered version.

All you can have with the unregistered version's scan is a really long list of registry problems, which you are not permitted to fix.

Once you purchase, RegZooka, it will fix all these problems including other errors stalling your computer.  It is sold online for $29.95.