Although you may think that the wedding dress is the only thing you have to think about for your wedding day, remember that one other thing are the things you will wear to your other big wedding events: the rehearsal dinner dress, bridal shower dress, and the bachelorette party dress. These events will be all about you and many eyes will be on you. You definitely don't want to be upstaged by your friends. So, here are some tips on what to wear and how to find your dresses for these big days.

First, think about each occasion and pick a style. For the rehearsal dinner, consider whether it is a formal dinner or a more casual dinner. Either way, you are the bride so you are allowed to wear something more formal and flashy. So, think of the situation and choose something that is one above that. The bridal shower dress is usually much more girly. Consider what you would wear to high tea. Think about Spring dresses that are prettier, flirty and more feminine. Finally, the bachelorette party dress is the one item you can wear that can be sexier and cause your husband to be jealous he is not coming along. So, go for it. Find something sexy, short, and absolutely fabulous. Find something that will turn heads and make every guy jealous that you are getting married!

So, how do you find all of these dresses? One tip, shop early and be prepared. Right after you are done wedding dress shopping, start looking around. The different seasons provide different style dresses to choose from. Spring and Summer are best for finding great bridal shower and sometimes even a fantastic rehearsal dinner dress. If you want something more elegant, shop during the winter season when stores carry all of the great winter dresses for Christmas parties and everything else. This is where you will find the silver and gold and sparkly holiday dresses that are perfect for a bachelorette party dress.

Finally, check all of the time. Make sure you are constantly checking the dress racks. If you have time, wait until the season ends and look through the sales racks for a discount. This will save you lots of money since you will be buying so many new dresses. Plus, getting a deal on one means that you can afford to splurge on another or put that towards your wedding shoes or other wedding accessories. Either way, getting a deal is fantastic.