Did you know that around 70% of the human body is water, which makes water ones of the biggest nutrients your body can receive. If you are trying to lose weight, then drinking lots of clean filtered water is going to really help with your progress. It is said that a human can live for around 2 months without consuming any food, but without water you will be very lucky if you lived a week. If you go without water in humid and hot climates then you will most likely die within days without water. Re hydrating your body with water is so important when trying to lose weight.

WRehydrate Your Body To Start Losing Weightater is something that the body needs, and to function at 100% you need to be hydrated, even a couple of percent dehydration can affect the way that our body's perform. Water is vital for transporting vital nutrients around the body, it helps to regulate the body's temperature and also helps in tissue regeneration.

One of the most powerful tools to losing weight successfully is water. Water is fantastic at suppressing the appetite so that you do not overeat which is the number one reason why most people become fat. It also helps the body's metabolic rate and is said to help speed it up, which leads to even more weight loss.

By drinking less water a person's fat content within their bodies cells have actually increase. This occurs because the kidneys do not operate efficiently when the body is dehydrated. This will also put the liver under tremendous strain because it as to work harder, an overworked liver makes fat metabolism much harder which means the body finds it harder to lose fat, which ultimately means an increase in fat storage instead of a decrease. Drinking plenty of fresh filtered water evenly spaced out throughout the day, will dramatically improve your chances of losing weight.

A word of warning though don't overdo it, because drinking lots of water in a short space of time can be dangerous, so like I just mentioned spread it out throughout the day. Look to drink around 8 large glasses every day and you will quickly see an improvement not only in your weight loss, but your skin and hair will also look better as a result as well.

The human liver produces LDL, VLDL, HDL and tri glycerides, which are all needed for healthy functioning of the body's cells. The liver uses all of these properties to transport fats around the body. When the liver is not operating at 100% the Apo proteins we just mentioned increase which leads to an increase in body weight. Lots of people are also under the illusion that drinking lots of water will give them that bloated look, this is so far from the truth. Drinking lots of water will actually help the body to avoid retaining water which gives you that bloated and unhealthy appearance.

Drinking water and re-hydrating the body on a regular basis will allow the body to release excess body fluid. By drinking less water, the body go's into survival mode and tries to hold onto as much of the body's water as it can. So one of the easiest and quickest remedies to water retention is to drink more water and keep the body hydrated at all times.

How much water you need each day depends on your activity level, the climate you live in and how much you weigh. A good starting point for most people is to drink at least 8 large glasses every day.

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