Reiki Attunements: Which Should You Choose?
Credit: ♣ â„“ u m i è r e ♣ Pablo Nicolás Taibi Cicare (cc)

There are plenty of reiki attunements available to both seasoned and fledgling healers, but each system has its own approach to energetic therapy. In a lot of cases, attunees are advised to become attuned to Usui Reiki before moving onto others. Each Reiki attunement has its own vibrational “feel,” and some require more than one attunement to attain each degree or level of the healing force. Yet still, there are symbols involved in the process for some systems and none for others.


Usui Reiki

Known as the founding Reiki system, Usui Reiki utilizes hand positions and symbols in addition to attuned energy that is extended at three levels. The initial attunements have a clearing and detoxing effect on the body, and for this reason, the attunees tend to feel extremely sleepy and may even develop mild symptoms akin to the common cold while reiki flushes their energetic systems.

The Usui Reiki symbols are used in the attunement process, in some cases, and at least four of the five symbols are utilized during actual treatments. The symbols are unlocked by intention, and though they were carefully guarded at one time, the true power is in the force of attention upon them.

One of the symbols (Cho Ru Kei – a stemmed coil) is used to wax or wane power dependent upon the mood. The symbol can also be utilized for law of attraction exercises. The harmony symbol (Sei Hei Ki) is utilized as a purifier and protective field. There is also a distance reiki symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) that can help with akashic access, an enlightenment symbol (Dai Ko Myo), and a symbol (Raku) that resembles a kind of lightning bolt used for grounding during the attunement process.


Kundalini Reiki

Created by Ole Gabrielsen, Kundalini Reiki has become a fairly ubiquitous system that doesn't require symbols. It's extremely powerful and not something to be toyed with. The healing energy is fiery and should be directed toward the matter in need of balancing with moderation.

The manual for Kundalini Reiki is available online and includes a number of additional attunements ranging from Tachyon energy to Ethereal Crystals. In his teens, Ole Gabrielsen did a great deal of study into metaphysics and took an interest in crystals and hands-on healing systems. From there, he created many of his own which he began to teach in the 1990's.


Rainbow Ray Reiki

This system emerged in 2006 to a select few healers and utlizes the healing energies of color to reset the balance in a person to encourage healing. It's a free healing system, and to this effect, no monies are allowed to be requested for healing sessions utilizing it. Donations can be accepted but cannot be advertised as mandatory while utilizing Rainbow Ray Reiki.


Karuna Ki Reiki

This Reiki type is described as an advanced practice with three levels that lead to “mastery.” It can only be received by someone who is already attuned to Usui Reiki, and it's said to strengthen healing abilities on all levels. Its first level deals with healing the shadow self, the second yields symbols that can be utilized in treatments, and the third is the level of Karuna Ki Reiki mastery granting the attunee the ability to attune others.

There are quite a few more systems than what's covered above. When choosing a Reiki system, follow your “feeling” on a particular pattern of healing energy, and read the descriptions that describe the functions of a particular energetic medicine. Some are more suited to certain operations than others.


Other Variations Of Energy Patterns

There are a lot of attunements available online that are effective. Some healers offer them on their personal websites. Other sites have large web directories filled with attunement patterns.

The Book Of Attunements, for instance, includes the High Vibratory Reiki pattern amongst energy patterns that cover a wide array of purposes (you can also google “High Vibratory Reiki” to access the attunement online with a full description of the self-attunement process). It also contains vibration lifting patterns, meditation aids, and elemental healing within its 19 or 20 systems.


Reiki has opened up a lot of energetic doors and shed light on the realm of possibilities for a mass of people that are ready for a new way of working with energy. There are a myriad of free resources online for those who are curious or very new to the therapy medium. There's no need to pay exorbitant amounts of money to be attuned or “trained.” The energy is at your fingertips whenever you want it.