Once you get to level 2 Reiki, you will start to learn how to apply Reiki Distance Healing. At first this whole concept of healing over a distance seems a bit strange and some people will really have to let go of premade presumptions about energy and healing practices in order to understand and believe the power of distant healing.

What makes it even more difficult for some to grasp is the fact that distance does not only relate to the distance but also to the concept of time. A Reiki 2 practitioner can actually start sending distant healing across not only space but also across time. The level 2 symbols will make it possible to connect to another person or any other being anywhere in our Universe, meaning that one can connect not only in the present but also in the past and even in the future.

The more you practice, you more you experience with the Reiki energy, the more you use it and the more you start channeling it around, the more uses you will find and the more your imagination will allow to develop and discover other applications.

One thing I felt happening after my level 2 attunements was that every time I saw a dead animal lying on the road, I would feel I really had to send them some Reiki energy. Now this might sound weird seeing that the animals were long dead and would not revive anymore, more because Reiki being able to travel over distance and through time and goes there where it is needed, I felt it would help the animal to either cross over or have less pain at the moment of passing on.

But then again, as a Reiki practitioner we are mere channels for Reiki energy and the energy will flow freely there were it is most called for so it is not up to us to decide. Just the act of sending and releasing it felt good to me and I trust it to do well.

Reiki Distance Healing is done with the help of the Reiki distant healing symbol, also called the Reiki absent symbol or the Third Usui Symbol.

The Reiki Distant Healing symbol is the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen and when you are attuned to Reiki level 2 you will learn to draw this symbol before wanting to send energy to transcend space and time, like I said before, present, past and future.

Once you start using this symbol you will soon find that space and time are actually no point any more and that energy can be channeled everywhere. You will first want to practice with people standing in the same room as you are, but once you get the hang of it (and get excited when you find just how powerful this is!) you will soon want to send Reiki energy everywhere and anywhere.

So what other uses are there for the Reiki Distance Healing symbol?

Well, the answer to that question is plain and simple, almost anything you can come up with that relates to either space and time, or both.

As a Reiki practitioner you can now bridge to the future or the past, this means you can also deal with past issues the person you want to send Reiki to is dealing with, like for example things that have happened in their childhood.

Another option is the future, you can actually let Reiki help people who are going to be operated on or need some extra help in a future situation. When using the symbols and the more you practice Reiki, the more you will know and feel that there are no limits.

So why is this so important to realize?

The unlimited possibilities of the Distance Healing Reiki symbols also makes it possible for Reiki masters to attune their students to Reiki life energy. Now this is really big, especially for those people who live in remote areas and are not able to go to Reiki courses, because now they can receive Reiki training over distances, the training being equally as powerful as any Reiki training given hands on.

Understanding the Beauty of the Reiki Distance Healing Symbol

This symbol consists of 21 strokes, forming 5 different Kanji or japanese writing characters. Each of these Kanji has a special meaning. Hon means the essence or cause, Sha means coming into existence, Ze means harmonising appropriately, Sho means correctly or justly and Nen means the heart or the thoughts, now.

In order to become efficient in sending distance healing, you will need to practice all three Reiki symbols until you can draw them in your dreams and don´t need to think about how to draw them anymore. There are all different forms of using the symbols and while all of these methods will be taught to you in a Reiki course, you yourself will feel which of the methods you prefer working with over time.

You will also learn that learning Reiki and using Distance Healing symbols is something that is done from within. Thinking too much about it or trying to find a logical explanation will only bring you further apart from Reiki energy so you will just have to learn to let things happen.

You will have to learn to trust Reiki energy and that it knows where it is needing, remember you are only a channel for Reiki energy and the more you practice, the more powerful this channel will become.

Try to keep an open mind when it comes to Distance Reiki healing and hope that one day you too will experience it´s beauty, since it is a big part of Reiki healing and the practice of Reiki channeling, allowing for thousands of Reiki masters around the world to join in an attempt to send healing energy around the world and let as many people as possible take advantage of the Life Energy and if you still don´t believe, just try it out for yourself and experience what Reiki energy can do for you in a Reiki Distance Healing session.