As you might know, there are 3 basic levels to learning Reiki. Reiki level I is the practitioner level, level II is the advanced Reiki practitioner level and Reiki level III is also known as the Reiki Master Level. These levels apply to the Reiki in the Dr Usui Method but there are a numerous amount of other levels and types of Reiki.

However, for the purpose of clarity and simplicity, I will stick to explaining the Dr. Usui Reiki system so let us start with looking at level I Reiki and what is taught in this level.

Reiki stands for Universal Life Force and this energy has been known for ages in all different cultures and everybody has Reiki flowing through them even though they are probably not aware of it.

At a young age we are still connected and for instance when a child falls down and hurts a body part, the first thing they will do is hold that body part in their hands in an instant reaction to sooth. A parent will do the same to their child, conforting the hurting area with either a kiss or a caress. What both don´t understand though is that this reaction really is nothing more than a way to channel energy to a certain part in the body that needs it, in order to sooth and heal.

In level I Reiki you will learn a lot about what Reiki exactly is and how it works. Many Reiki masters will also teach their students about the 7 major Chakra points because these points are very important when applying the Reiki symbols in a treatment session and they can be used as a guideline through the different Reiki hand positions, all dealing with their particular area of healing.

Students of level I will also start understanding the power of Reiki and that it is available always and everywhere. However, it is important to receive attunements to Reiki energy in order to have it flow freely and be able to function as a channel for Reiki energy and thus send it anywhere in the body or somebody else´s body.

Once a student is attuned to Reiki energy, he is attuned for life, even though he does not ever practice Reiki, the energy will still flow freely through his body. Using the energy though on a consistent base will empower it, as will the fact that more people practice at the same time, sending Reiki energy to a point in particular.

As a Reiki level I student you will also learn about Dr. Mikao Usui and his experience and story on how he learned about Reiki and the use of the healing Reiki symbols. His story and dedication to healing energy is a remarkable one and once you know more about him, you will be more understanding of Reiki energy as well.

Furthermore there are the different Reiki Principles that every student will learn. In short you could say that these Reiki principles really are nothing but spiritual ideals and a guideline as to how to live life. Adopting these spiritual principles into your life will not only provide you with guidande but it will also be a base of balance and substance.

Of course you are not expected to live by these principles all your life nor are you expected to become a saint, however it is important to understand the principles and the affect they can have on your life. When learning about them, many people turn to meditation and use them in their daily meditation practicises since each principle in itself has a particular resonance that can be found very pleasant and positive for meditation purposes.

Apart from these teachings, in order to start working with Reiki energy and thus become a channel, you will need to undergo 4 different attunements given to you by your Reiki Master. Many times these 4 attunements are given in one session as to make the energy stronger and more powerful, but some Reiki masters prefer to spread out these different attunements over the course of the whole Reiki Level I workshop. This is all about personal preferences so you should go with what feels best with you.

Before undergoing this initiation, you will need to prepare yourself and your body by getting enough sleep, not consuming alcohol or any other substance that might influence your brain and body. Basically you will need to present yourself in a healthy and well rested manner as to take full advantage of the attunements.

Once you have passed this initial stage you will notice a few changes, one of them will be the presence of more energy in your body. Or maybe better said, a higher awareness of this energy since it has been present before, it is just more powerful and more available to you.

Another thing you will notice when going through Reiki level I is a period of 2 or 3 weeks of cleansing your body will go through. Some people are so responsive to this cleansing period that they actually decide to do a physical body cleanse at the same time, trying to rid their body of any toxics, but again, this is very personal and not required to pass level I.

Your body will however try to rebalance and go back to a more neutral state which is healthier and balanced.

You will at this point also be able to channel energy through your hands and this energy can be used for all sorts of healing and helping, for example you can use the energy on yourself but also on your friends, animals, plants around the house, basically anything you can think of. Plus you will learn the basic 12 hand positions used in Reiki.

At this point you will also receive some sort of explanation as to how to use Reiki level I energy on the body, how to conduct self treatments and hands on treatments on others but if you want to fully take advantage of the powerful Reiki energy I am sure you will want to continue practicing and learning and move on to Reiki level II whenever you are ready.