The Advanced Practitioner Level

Once you have been initiated in and attuned to Reiki level 1 you are probably ready to continue on learning and growing and go to Reiki level 2. Reiki level 2 is not only a reinforcement of Reiki energy, it is also the level where you will learn the powerful Reiki Healing symbols and how to use them in Distance Reiki Healing.

Reiki level II is a big step forward for any Reiki practitioner, it is the level that a deeper understanding is needed but also the level that opens up a lot of possibilities to channel Reiki energy.

At this stage you are already getting used to the immense joy of using Reiki and most of the possible scepticism towards Reiki will now have disappeared. Reaching this level is filled with excitement for the things to come and therefore it is often recommended to take your time before your go own to this level, however seeing that this is Reiki we are talking about, you can rest assured that the moment you are drawn to taking the next step, is the right moment for you and that you will be ready to get to Reiki level 2.

In Reiki level 2 you will learn about the three pillars of Reiki. These pillars are a meditation, a set of short rituals and a specific treatment that consists of different components.

The first pillar is called Gassho and is a meditation that literally carries the name of "two hands coming together". Dr. Usui typically taught this specific meditation to his students and it would take them about 15-20 minutes daily to practice this simple meditation, but it is recommended you only add this daily practice to your life if you enjoy it and it feels good to you.

The second pillar is called Reiji-Ho and means the indication of Reiki power methods and it consists of three rituals that should be carried out before each treatment. As not to give away all the secrets and ensure quality learning experience, these short rituals should be taught to you by your Reiki master or during a more extensive Reiki course.

Important during this ritual is to ensure you are doing it with the right intent as to keep the energy free flowing and clean, working from within your heart.

The last pillar consists of the Reiki treatment and during the Reiki level 2 training you will be taught how to go about it, what to look for, what to think about, how to prepare any treatment session etc.

The second Reiki level is also considered to be a big opportunity for the Reiki student to grow. Not only will they learn the secret healing Reiki symbols but also will they get a better understanding of the unlimited reach of Reiki energy and the huge possibilities to help others with it. This stage really is an enlightening one and my recommendation to anyone wanting to do Reiki level 2 is to fully enjoy the experience.

Of course, a big part of the Reiki level 2 teachings is about the Reiki healing symbols and how to use them. This part is often covered in secrecy and many Reiki masters tell their students to not pass these symbols on to anybody. Thing is though that if somebody passes the symbol on to a person who is not yet attuned, it is virtually useless.

A person is only able to do anything with these symbols if they have received prior attunements in order to have the Reiki energy free flowing through their body and thus be able to channel the energy with the Reiki symbols.

Another important thing to remember is that people have to understand the meaning of these symbols, how to use them, how to draw them, so much things that one needs to know before being able to use the symbols that I doubt anybody can do anything with them without knowing all this information.

So as to not spoil the secret, I will not reveal the Reiki symbols, however I will share a little bit on what they stand for and why one would want to learn them.

There are three main healing Reiki symbols that you will learn during Reiki level 2. The first is Cho Ku Rei which is a symbols used to "cut through and remove resistance". It is the symbol that is used to turn on the second degree energy so to speak, allowing it´s user to channel Reiki level 2 energy and start using the other symbols. During your Reiki course you will learn how to exactly draw it in secrecy, how to exactly use this symbol and more meanings to it.

The second symbol one learns is the Sei Heiki symbol, which is a mental and emotional symbol which is used mostly for these two types of healing. This symbol is said to balance the left and the right brain. (mental and emotional). In order to use this symbol you will first have to use the Cho Ku Rei, then draw the Sei Heiki and to finish off you draw the Cho Ku Rei again, meanwhile you will repeat the symbols in a specific way your Reiki Teacher will show during your Reiki level 2 course.

Last of the three basic symbols but not least powerful is the distance healing symbol, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. This symbol helps you to channel healing over space and time, making distant healing possible and even channel healing energy towards the future or back into the past. This really is a very powerful symbol and many students will experience an Ah-ha moment when first starting to use it, seeing that the concept is a bit big to grasp at first.

Apart from these 3 "basic" Reiki healing symbols, you will also be shown several ways to use them. Plus you will be taught a reversed symbol and a few other symbols that will help you channeling your energy and focusing specific types of energy for different situations.

If you are thinking of studying Reiki make sure you go all the way, but at least experience Reiki level 2 training, it is absolutely powerful!