If you feel like you're in serious need of a vacation, but don't have the time to spend a week in Hawaii, don't worry. You can still relax in a idyllic tropical setting by simply livening up your back yard. With the right tropical décor, turning your backyard into own your personal tropical paradise can be easily done. Here are some quick tips to get you going.

The first thing to do is tear down your old backyard fence and replace it with a stylish new bamboo fence. Bamboo is lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly, and it will add an instant tropical feel to your backyard. You can use either tiki poles or rolled bamboo.

Tiki furniture and bar
It's not just big items that will need replacing, though. Giving a tropical-themed backyard the right feel depends on whether the accent furniture can tie it all together. Get tiki torches and statues, and, of course, if you can and there is space, invest in an outdoors tiki bar. These (when stocked) usually go over very well with quests.

Palm Trees
For tropical makeovers of outdoor spaces, palm trees are a must. They will look excellent with the bamboo fencing, and provide you with plenty of shade during the hot days of summer.

New lounge furniture
Use wicker and bamboo lounge chairs for your backyard. Add light-colored cushions and you have perfect tropical lounge furniture that you and your guests will love.

If there is an underlying philosophy to tropical décor, it is the value of relaxation and enjoyment of life without worries. A hammock is perfect for this sort of mood. Nothing says relaxed like good hammock hanging from between two palm trees.

Outdoor Speakers
This might not be such an obvious choice for redecorating a backyard, but having music outdoors can define the mood of an outdoors space. Sitting in you cushioned, bamboo lunge chair in the backyard, enjoying a cold drink, is great. Add a relaxing soundtrack, and the experience becomes that more rich.

Sand pit
Lastly, the sand pit. If you have enough space to add one on, don't hesitate. It is great for playing volleyball during gatherings or simply for letting the younger ones play in it.

When decorating your backyard for the summer, why not try a tropical décor for your yard?