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  • Intersting to watch, well executed.
  • When you thought things would go one way, the movie takes a turn the other way leaving you on the edge of your seat at some parts.


  • While it was refreshing to see Jennifer Aniston play this role, she was still not all that convincing as a con artist and bad person. I kept thinking that role would have been better off with Melissa George playing it and Jennifer Aniston taking over the role of Clive Owen's wife.

Full Review

I currently have a routine on the weekends that involves taking the time to watch a movie. That has recently become the extent of my Saturday nights, which is fine. I've always been a homebody anyway. The great thing about this is that I have a love for great movies. I like all different kinds so my tastes are pretty well-rounded. The only types I do have an admitted attention span problem with are action movies. Most of them really, in my opinion, are lacking in content and over compensating for that with violence. They have a tendency to make me bored.

This last weekend I watched the movie Derailed. It starred Clive Owen and Jennifer Anniston. The movie was made in 2005. It was refreshing to see Jennifer Anniston in rare form. She played a menacing role as a deceitful woman instead of her normal romantic comedy type that she is known for. This is a thriller and also co-stars the French actor Vincet Cassel, who is great in any role and basically type cast as a tough guy and he is definitely good at that.

The story is about an unhappy couple (Melissa George and Clive Owen) who are successful, but have lost any sort of communication or passion that used to exist between them. They are overwhelmed with their sick daughter, who suffers from type 1 diabetes and has had several kidney transplants that her body has rejected.

One day on Clive Owen's commute to work, he meets women on the train (Jennifer Aniston) and they seem to hit it off. It becomes an affair, well, almost. They go to a seedy hotel and almost sleep together when the room is supposedly broken into by a robber (Vincent Cassel) who proceeds to pistol whip and rob Clive Owen and then rape Jennifer Aniston.

In Closing

The rest of the movie is about bribery, revenge, murder, and secrets. I think it was well-written and a good story. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. Clive Owen was fantastic in it and believable so you could actually put yourself in his situation, making it a good movie to lose yourself in.