Why do we fear?

Do you fear rejection?

Why do we fear all the time of being rejected or being failed? There is some reason for that, isn't it? Some people are fearful or timid since their childhood or some people fear because of the turmoil in their past. Most of the time, the incidents happening in our day-to-day life and the people in our company make a fearful environment for us.

Though the world is full of bitterness, we should not forget that God's mercy is above all. He will never leave us or forsake us. There are times in our life when we know that things are not going in the right way, however, we should believe that the God who is above all is the caring taker of us all. How can He being a Father leave us or forsake us? We know that we are still children in front of the maturity of God. However, if God is matured then He won't leave us as orphans. Moreover, God is more attentive when we trust Him and ONLY HIM. Even when we do not trust Him, He never keeps us hungry or protects us from shame. So, when we trust Him, how much more He will be caring for us. God does not even expect any trust from us. All He wants is our happiness.

God gives to those who love Him and He gives to those even who do not love Him. This is the reason why we say that God's love is impartial. So, have you ever experienced His impartial love? God never expects anything from us, it is we who think that God needs something from us. God is made whole in His own spirit and He really does not expect anything from the world.

When the world faces troubles, He is not to be blamed because, He is not a part of any destruction. He believes in constructing our life. Also, once we trust Him, He remains faithful forever. There is no reason to fear when God is near. God is within us all the time to take care of everything we need. Many times, we feel that we need something more in our life, however, we should understand that we are really not ready for anything more at the present time. God is know to be the perfect donate. The perfect donate donates things as per the need. Also, He does not give up to a limit. He gives us bountifully.

God's presence is most important for us. When God is present, fear is not present there. In the absence of God, we fear. So, we need the grace of God to remove all the fears of our life. In the presence of God, life is beautiful and bountiful.