Overcoming the fear!

Achieving true happiness.

Everyone at some point will have feelings of rejection. No one likes it, and a lot of people fear it. For some it is so bad that they are completely unhappy. Let's break it down. First off, I would like to talk about where this anxiety comes from. It comes from you, no one else. Another interesting thing to think about is they're probably think the same thing too. If anything in terms of meeting women. The really beautiful ladies that spend a lot of time in the morning working on their appearance. Why do they do it? Probably because they are insecure maybe not with their looks, even though some are. Also, insecure about impressions. This also is all in their mind.

Self-image is what it mainly boils down to. Your self-image is what you think of yourself right now. Based on all the experiences in your life either success or failure, you tell yourself how you should be for the next time you encounter this. So that is why it's all in your head. You fear rejection because you do not accept yourself. Otherwise, why would you have a problem with it right? There is something that you see as an insecurity and because of it the anxiety comes up. Building confidence is the best way to fix this. It's a commitment you have to make to yourself. To improve anywhere you feel insecure about. Exercise, eat healthy and don't care what other people think. Think positive and think confident.

Most people seek acceptance from others. Through this there are qualities about oneself that someone will change based upon social influences. They do this because the are afraid of what other people think. If you aren't accepted then you are rejected. This greatly affects the happiness of others. You need to be positive. Everyone thinks they need some type of external gain of desire, to be happy. Romantically it has a big part. But all this does is leave opportunity for despair when you no longer have it. You need to just be happy and go for the things you want.

One day I was hiking down Mt. St. Helena from the top and I saw probably the most beautiful girl in I have ever seen. This was when I really first noticed it. No fear. I dropped back from my party and cut to the other side so I could say hi.  She smiled back at me and said hi. If you subject yourself to rejection then you are making yourself not very lucky. If you hold back due to these feelings then you will miss out on a lot of opportunities. If someone has a problem with you being who you are, then it's their problem.