Tattoo art has been enjoying a resurgence of popularity for the last two decades and studies show that over 25 percent of the population now have at least one tattoo. The tattooing business is currently a large, growing, popular business and with its success, other related products and services are now gaining in popularity.

One of these businesses I'm referring to is tattoo removal. Surveys show that around 17 percent of individuals with body art have some regrets. They are thinking about pursuing some type of tattoo removal. The most well known options for tattoo removal include laser removal and tattoo removal creams.

There are many brands of tattoo removal creams on the market and often have similar instructions. Creams are applied to the skin, and the end result over repeated treatments is that the tattoo fades away until it's gone. One of the problems with creams is some are made with a skin bleaching ingredient that essentially lightens the skin along with fading the tattoo. Most of these creams requires a long period of time before results are realized. Creams are popular due to their affordability and convenience. They are administered at home and don't require any special training to use.

Rejuvi tattoo removal is different and more successful at tattoo removal than creams although not as successful as laser. Rejuvi was originally used for other skin care purposes but the benefits for tattoo removal were soon realized.

Rejuvi is a unique method of tattoo removal as it is the only product currently on the market that is administered by injecting it into the skin with a tattoo machine. Part of the training for Rejuvi is teaching the mechanics of a tattoo machine as well as learning to handle this tool to most efficiently apply a Rejuvi treatment.

Rejuvi works by bonding and joining with the tattoo ink and then causes the skin to reject or push the combination through the upper skin layers eventually to the very surface of the skin. The body essentially rejects the Rejuvi and then your system does what comes naturally. It excretes the combination of ink and product to the skin surface. It shows itself as a large scab that will eventually fall off your skin and your tattoo will disappear

One of the appeals of Rejuvi is its price tag. It roughly costs $125 a session. Your number of sessions will depend on the individual tattoo but the technician should give you an estimate of the final cost before any treatments begin.