Lets face it women. Men have pet peeves that they don't like in their girlfriends. Females sometimes have a tendency to do things that push their boyfriends further apart from them. While you may be thinking that you don't do anything that annoys your boyfriend, he may mot openly speak about the things you do that he dislikes. I will provide you with the most obvious things that females do that their boyfriends typically dislike. Read on to learn how to quit annoying your boyfriend and make your relationship that much better.

First and foremost, you shouldn't do things that he tells you he doesn't like. If you are still trying to see who all his female friends are, or if you are screening calls when he has asked you not to, then you are doing something that could potentially ruin your relationship and this is not fair to him. If you boyfriend doesn't give you any reason to suspect he may doing something wrong that may potentially destroy the relationship then you should give him the benefit of the doubt and learn to trust him.

Give your boyfriend the benefit of the doubt, especially if he deserves it. If he has messed up in the past, but is changing his life around and being good and loving towards you, then you shouldn't hold anything against him. Let him get the benefit of the doubt. It may take time for you to forgive your boyfriend if he has done something like cheat on you with another woman, but after a while you have to learn to get over it and move forward, especially if you plan on being with him and making your relationship and chemistry grow over time.

Don't become too clingy or attached to your boyfriend. He needs his space just as you do. So don't try to stay up under him all day or force him to be with you 24/7. He wants to do things with his friends or go places on his own sometimes. You should have the same mindset. When he says he wants to do something without you, don't give him a hard time. Instead, go find something for you to do to make the most of your time until the two of you are back together. He just wants to have some independence. It doesn't mean your boyfriend is trying to seek out other women to have relationships with.

Quit checking his cell phone or hacking into his email. This will only make him highly annoyed with you and push him further away. There is nothing worse than a girlfriend who doesn't trust her boyfriend and makes him pay for it by constantly harassing him and interrogating him every chance she gets. Show your boyfriend that you really do love him and appreciate him.

These tips will help you stop annoying your boyfriend and make your relationship better. Good Luck!