The experience of being in a relationship, most of the time, is one of the best things in the world. However, it is likely you come across relationship problems that you need to get fixed.

There comes a time when almost every couple have to deals with relationship problems. It is natural. There are several reasons why relationship problems occur. Problems such as financial setback, mistrust, confusion, jealousy, hatred, etc can really be frustrating and at times it feels as if all hope is gone.

You likely know that there are plenty of ups and downs in even the so-called perfect relationships, whether you are single, married or in a committed relationship. The truth about relationship is, it is challenging and can be too frustrating at times.

As we all know that nobody is perfect, it feels impossible to find the person that is right for you. That is why you want to save your relationship even more than anything else. You see, the whole scene of relationship is all about self-love, personal growth and evolution. If you want to have a 'perfect', life-filled and happy relationship, you are going to have to love yourself into it.

Just of a sudden, your relationship is getting shattered. Passion that used to exist in the relationship is gone. And the relationship is at the point of collapsing. The crisis, at first, might seem unsolvable, it can actually be fixed but that will not happen overnight. Both partners have work to do in saving the relationship. It cannot be a relationship with just one person making the entire running. You both have equal responsibility for making the relationship work.

Here are some tips that can help you deal with those relationship problems you are facing.

1. Listen

Whenever your partner is talking, try as much as possible to listen. It is necessary that you let your partner speaks without interruption. In this condition, it might be difficult to listen as your heart is automatically working on your response. Clarify issues if you seem not to understand. Something like 'so what you are saying is…' might help. It shows that you care and that you are listening. Always have it at the back of your mind that whatever it is your partner is saying, it is important to him/her. So, irrespective of what you might think, do not interrupt and do not try to defend yourself.

2. Communication

Communication breakdown in a relationship can always lead to problems. Problem starts when both partners refuse to tell each other exactly what they really want or what they are up to. Both mates must understand the importance of creating a strong communication bond in order to build a very strong relationship. This will help keep the relationship intact. And do not forget, screaming will not lead to anything good. Instead of yelling, screaming and accusing, why not communicate what you feel and tender solution for it. As long as you are dedicated in getting things solved, everything can be solved. Time and location, most times, is very essential. Talk things over and communicate issues peacefully. Sometimes when upset, you might say things you do not really mean, so take your time, and cool down before communicating issues with your partner. Because when there is no calm and peaceful communication, the relationship suffers it. So in order for there to be a happy and healthy relationship of any kind, we must be able to express ourselves and make your feelings known to each other in a peacefully way.

3. Create Time

In this world of ours, people are getting busier and it is getting easier to lose sight of the important thing in life. Are you both working? And you get tired on getting home. Long work hours affect a perfectly strong relationship especially if you got kids. What to do? Slow down. Cut down on non-essential works. Make more time for your relationship. Although that may mean a cut on income, but a stronger and happier relationship could be the reward. You have to spend quality time with your partner or else the relationship will scramble. One thing for sure is, no one is too old to go out on dates.

4. Accepting The Imperfection

There comes a point in a relationship when you set certain demands to change your partner to fit your standards but it will not happen. It can be controlling and dominating and your love can not grow if you create how a partner should be. Overlooking some uncorrectable issues might help the relationship grow stronger. For example, if you are concerned about your husband not putting down the toilet seat after using it, rather than yelling at him all the time about it, why not go ahead to make it part of your house chores. Or you are simply tired of asking your wife to close the drawer after using it, stop complaining, and keep closing the drawer because your partner might not change. The whole point is, celebrate your differences and enjoy your relationship. Do not try to change your partner, it will only get worse.

5. Approach

Whether an issue will get fixed or dumped will be determined how you approach your partner and voice your concerns. Since beheading ones head is not the solution to an headache, approaching your partner using absolutes such as 'you never' or 'in your life' will never help fix any relationship problem. Refrain from using threats because they can result in your partner becoming stubborn and defensive and can lead to power struggles. Approach your partner in an open and gentle manner. Use position language that shows how happy you will be if he/she can change for better.

6. Honesty

Be open to your partner and venture through rough times together gracefully. Do not try to hide skeleton in the cupboard. Speak it out with honesty. Say the truth and be honest. It goes a long way in making a stronger relationship.

Remember, learning how to save a relationship and making it work will not happen overnight. The important thing is that you are taking positive action every day to help make your relationship work.