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Healthy relationships are something we all want. But a relationship quiz is not the best tool to determine whether yours is good. Afterall, a relationship quiz will not help you become aware of what the most important ingredients are in a healthy relationship: kindness, respect, shared values and honesty.  These qualities are what's most important in a relationship if you want yours to last.

A healthy relationship involves four things:

  • Kindness

  • Respect

  • Shared Values

  • Honesty

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There are going to be days where you or your partner make mistakes. But bad behavior shouldn't be the norm in your relationship, otherwise, it's not a healthy one.

Here are some questions to help you decide whether your relationship is healthy.

Consistent Kindness

Are you both kind to each other? In good relationships, kindness is the norm, not the exception. Do you put your own agenda above your partner's best interest? In a kind relationship, each partner considers the other's best interest, and factors that in to their decision making. If you or your partner is overly critical, or blaming, that's a sign your partnership is not healthy or kind. 


 Do you respect each other? Are you respectful of the other person's time, belongings and feelings?  It's not okay to go through someone's things without asking. It's also not respectful if you are chronically late, or don't arrive at all, and expect your partner to be understanding. 

Minimizing someone else's feelings is also a sign of disrespect. You might not agree with a person's actions, but they have the right to feel what they feel.

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Shared Values

Shared values are different than liking the same hobbies. It's about the way you see the world, and how you each respond to the other person's ideas about how to live life. For example, one partner may believe money is meant to be spent, because you "can't take it with you",  while the other believes in saving, saving, saving. Partners with more similar value systems have a better chance at a healthy long-term relationship.


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Honesty in partnership means you're willing to share what you're thinking or feeling with your partner. It means if you've made  a commitment to be exclusive, you're not flirting by texts with an ex, or blatantly cheating. It means you directly share what you're able to give in the relationship. More importantly, it means you are honest with yourself, first, so that you can be honest with the other person.

If you're concerned about your relationship,  instead of taking a relationship quiz, consider whether your relationship has the above qualities. If not, it may be time to make some changes in the relationship, or consider leaving it for good.

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