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Relationships that are great could be ruined if neglected or if enough attention is not paid to building and improving them. No one wants a relationship to  be ruined and yet, the many things that we do, lead to breakdown in relationships. Having a relationship that is magical and lasts and lasts is the dream of most people, if not all. It would be great  to have a reminder that points us to what maybe the cause of such relationship issues.

Ten top relationship issues

As stated right at the start, neglect or taking your partner for granted could be one of the biggest factors that ruin a relationship. This is common occurrence in relationships that have lasted for a few years. Beware of taking your relationship for granted, even if has been going good and strong for a few years. What made it last could have been and attention you paid your partner and the interest you took in  your relationship.

Lack of communication or poor communication does not allow for proper understanding of the partner, and is an important relationships issue couples face. Expecting your partner to mind-read and  fulfill your needs would be disastrous, waiting for one partner to always make the right moves is placing too much stress on one person. Proper adult to adult communication is what puts a relationship on strong a foundation and helps avoid any relationship issues that may arise.

Monotony is huge relationship issue. Boredom in a relationship tends to increase when partners struggle with responsibilities and are caught up in routines. There is nothing new, interesting or romantic to look forward to. Bring romance into the relationship. Spring up surprises and rustle up passion in the relationship to avoid your relationship from breaking down.

Jealousy can kill any relationship, however strong the relationship has been. Jealousy amounts to lack of trust in your partner. It could also mean that person desires control over the other. This emotion is very strong and tends to choke your partner and refuses to give him or her their personal space. Jealousy causes cracks to develop in a relationship and is an emotion that you would want to deal with right away.  

Reacting in anger could cause a person to speak words or actions that he /she does not really mean. These words or actions cause deep hurts and lead to breakups in the relationship. It would be wiser to respond to what the other person says and not to react. Dealing with one issues at a time and sorting them out completely helps. Bringing issues from the past can be a major relationship issue by itself.

Being highly critical can ruin any relationship, more so, close romantic or marital relationships. Being critical of your partner especially in front of other causes hurts that run deep and are often fester within. Being critical of your partner tells your partner that he or she is never good enough for you. Positive and gentle correction often wins your partner over to your side, being critical drives them further and further away from you. It would be ideal to focus on the positive traits that you see in your partner, than harp on the negatives traits. Putting this to practice will help build stronger relationships and help deal with relationship issues in this area. It does take a lot of effort, but it would be truly worth it, as you would have a faithful partner for life.

Lack of intimacy is one main reason men get emotionally detached from a relationship. Over the years physical intimacy takes a back seat, with responsibilities to fulfill and work to be done. Sometime couples let stress or strain get to them, or become disinterested after the excitement of the initial period wears away, especially in marriage. It is important to have a healthy life of intimacy both emotional and physical to keep the relationship going. You need to find ways and means of bringing in interest and passion into your love life.

A huge mistake that is often made by women is trying to change your partner. It is rather preposterous that you would want to get into a relationship with a person and try to change him/her. This suggests that, though you found something good in your partner initially, now you focus on what is not, rather than what the person is. This is a big put off for men. This attitude conveys to your partner that you are looking for the perfect partner and not trying to make the best of your relationship with him/her.

Lack of common interest and going their own separate ways, often cause couples to drift apart. This is a common relationship issue that arises with working couples and those with stressful jobs.  Finding common areas of interest, especially those that brought you together and developing them could brighten up and liven up your relationship. These could strengthen bonds and make communication lines effective between the partners. It is ideal to spend leisure time together doing activities that keep you together and bonding more as time goes on.

Lack of consideration and inability to compromise can wreck a relationship. Consideration is the key to building any relationship. Being ready to accept the human nature of your partner and overlooking your partner’s mistakes make the relationship stronger and makes it last. Understanding each other is what enables you to enrich your relationship and avoid the issues that arise from lack of empathetic consideration and support for each other.

If you catch yourself being entangled in any of these relationship issues, you need to act quickly to bring new life and freshness back into the relationship. Don’t wait for the other to make the first move. It takes time, effort, patience and putting ego issues aside to get your relationship going. I can assure you though it is difficult, it is worth every bit of the trouble you take to build and improve your relationship, or marriage. Wishing you much love and happiness.