When the sign of Cancer is in a relationship, he tends to put his partner before him. Cancer the crab is a very emotional creature even if he doesn’t always act this way; underneath his hard shell he is just a big softie, looking for the right connection with the right person. Cancer is the ideal housewife, nothing matters more to him than his home and family and he can go though many partners before he finds the one he wants to share this with. As a result of this, he tends to be quite picky in love and would rather have nothing and wait for the right person than settle for less.

Those born under the sign of the crab have an impressive sex appeal, yet are mostly unaware of it. Many people are drawn to him as a result and he unknowingly ends up breaking quite a few hearts on his search for the right one. In a relationship, the crab can be considered quite moody and is prone to change suddenly and needs to be with someone who understands that and is able to either change with him, or stay stable.

Cancer the crab can be a very jealous individual as he thrives on comfort and security and even light flirtation by his partner with another can shake that foundation. If this partner is caught cheating, Cancer may forgive but most likely will not be able to move on. Even if they try to work things out, the crab will constantly have an issue trusting his partner and the relationship will eventually come to an end. However, Cancer is not one to reciprocate the hurt in any manner; he prefers instead to hide in his shell and lick his wounds by himself before coming out again. He will never try to “get even” if he has been hurt by his partner, or engage in any wild scheme of revenge. Cancer is not the type to cheat in any manner and expects no less from his partner.

Financial security is just as important to the crab as relationship security. Cancer may have a tendency to spend large amounts of money and needs to be with someone who can keep it all under control. Those who end up with this sign can bet that they will be nurtured and loved, and the relationship will have many romantic gestures since the crab is so imaginative. In return, Cancer expects his partner to be always-supportive and appreciative of what he willingly does for the relationship. The best match for Cancer the crab is someone who is as deeply devoted to the relationship as he is, such as Scorpio or Taurus. The worst match is someone who lives very freely and flirtatiously as Cancer will not receive the security he is longing for. One of the worst matches for Cancer is Gemini.