Learning the definite signs of a control freak will save you a lot of grief. They will wear you down until you give into their endless list of needs. They are needy and greedy people who are self centered. The best advice is to stay away from them if you can, or get help for them.

If you give in to a control freak, you will get less and less. You may think it will solve the problem but it only magnifies it in the long run. In the eyes of the controller, it seems they have won this ground and new ground will be tread. They will not stop at anything but new avenues will be crossed constantly until they control everything around you. Every inch you give them, they will take another mile. Nothing it seems will make them happy until you are like a puppet on a string and answer fully to them.

When a control freak does not get their way, they may have several methods starting from mild usually to drastic in which they will try to get their way. They may cry first of all. This is an attempt to make you feel sorry for them which may or may not work. They don’t want to have to work too hard at first for this effort. A little crying like a baby might do the trick.

The next step is usually cursing and screaming, which can be quite alarming from the crying affect. This is the anger mode from not getting their way from crying. It is really pathetic that grown people act like this. If cursing and screaming do not work well for them, they will completely turn on you by attacking your self esteem. The reason this may work is because if you have been with this person for a long time, your self esteem has already probably bottomed out. If this doesn’t work they will degrade you and may even tell you that you are worthless or worse.

Last of all, control freaks may threaten you physically which is not unusual. They may even threaten someone else in the family or a family pet. Take it seriously and get out. This is not a situation to wait on.

If all of these, or some of these examples sound familiar to you and you realize that you should have left months or years ago, it’s not too late. Counseling is an option if you are married, but only if the control freak wants to be helped.

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