One of the benefits of youth is that sleep comes very naturally. Few sixteen year olds have problems falling asleep. Sleep to them comes naturally. For most women, the problem begins sometime after they hit 30. What was once a joy – getting in bed and drifting off to sleep naturally – becomes difficult; and, that is only half the problem. Women who find it difficult to fall asleep also find it hard to relax. The common saying “just relax” becomes easier said than done. They find that they are tense and edgy 24 hours a day. This is unhealthy and can portend dark days ahead, health wise. The following tips can help you relax and find sleep in as little as sixty seconds.


Count Sheep Jumping Over a Fence

As unoriginal as it may sound, counting sheep jumping over a fence in your mind is actually a good way to relax and fall asleep. To get the most out of this, gaze at the ceiling and count slowly. It has been shown that gazing upward stimulates your nervous system to lower your blood pressure and breathing rate. Counting slowly helps rid your mind of distractions of the day. The guided imagery of sheep jumping over a wall is a powerful tool of meditation that helps reduce stress and worry. It is a form of temporary escape. Engage all your senses to the point that you can actually hear the sheep “baa” and smell the grass on the meadow.

Jot down Your Worries on Notepad

Write down everything that is worrying you and then lock it your bedside drawer for the following. This has the psychological effect of helping you take your mind of your problems. You literally feel like a heavy yoke has been lifted off your shoulders. You fall asleep much faster and sleep better.

Breathing Exercises

Inhale through the mouth and exhale through the mouth ten times. You must be wondering how this helps you sleep. Breathing deeply reduces your hear rate thereby calming your body. When doing the exercises, focus on your body and avoid distractions. This is actually used in many types of meditative exercises such as yoga. Proper breathing is a key factor in encouraging relaxation. 

Tense and Relax Your Muscles

One of the ways your body responds to stressful situations is by involuntary muscle tensing. This is what causes aches and pain after long periods of stress. However, progressively relaxing muscles can reduce tension and anxiety. Tensing and relaxing your muscles from your head to toes can achieve help you achieve progressive muscle relaxation. 

Drink a Glass of Skimmed Milk before Bedtime

Have you ever wondered why children are so soothed by milk? A crying child sleeps soon after sucking on a bottle of milk. Well, it works just as well for humans. Milk contains a natural chemical known as tryptophan. Tryptophan is used by our bodies to manufacture serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical responsible for making us feel calm and relaxed. So have a glass of milk just before bedtime and enjoy this natural aid for sleep and relaxation.