There are a variety of humidifiers on the market to choose from for cough and cold relief. With so many to choose from, it's convenient to know a little about styles available to make an educated choice on a Reli On humidifier.

Below are descriptions to assist in making a decision on which type of humidifier to purchase. Plus, you can come here for some reviews and complaints about Reli On humidifiers.

Cool Mist- This type of humidifier puts out a cool mist, as opposed to warm. The tank is great for medium to large sized rooms, holding enough water to have a humidity output of 1. 25 gallons of water per day. Adding humidity to rooms usually aids in breathing when a cough or cold is present.

Comfort during sleep may also be had with the increase in moisture. There is a control that varies the amount of mist emitted into the room, with two moisture settings available. The tank is very easy to fill, clean, and carry. A 3 year limited warranty is available on this model.

Warm Moist- A warm moist humidifier puts out three gallons a day, which is enough to humidify a medium to large sized room. There is a medicine cup option to allow medicine to be administered into the air along with the humidity.

Two moisture settings enable the choice of little or a lot of moisture to be emitted. The quiet operating of this model doesn't disturb the peace and quiet. An auto shut-off feature turns the machine off when the tank is empty of water.

The removable tank is easy to carry to the sink for refilling and cleaning. There is also a three year limited warranty on this model. Reli on humidifier brings warm moist humidifiers to the finest.

Each Reli On humidifier described above comes with instructions on how to assemble, clean, and use the model. Purchasing a humidifier, either a warm or cool mist type, is beneficial in maintaining a healthy living environment.

There aren't many complaints when it comes to ReliOn humidifiers so you can feel pretty good knowing that you are getting a quality product.