8 Important Automotive Tools for Your Car

Is your car equipped with the necessary car repair tools should your car break down? Here is an important automotive checklist tools just to be sure.

Safety Triangle

This is a required feature in every car. Driving without it will attract a fine. You must be careful when buying your triangle, as there are counterfeits in the market. A genuine safety triangle has perfect  reflective qualities because that is exactly what it is for and it can stand upright on its own. It's advisable you have two and place them on either side of your vehicle.

Jack and Spanner

You need to have a jack and spanner that actually work. Always make sure that the jack can lift your vehicle to a height above its driving position and keep it there long enough for you or a good passer-by to fit the spare tyre, especially if you are driving a four-wheel drive. Remember that using the wrong studs and bolts to secure your wheel can also cripple your journey as they tend to get stuck after continued use. So always buy genuine studs from authorised dealers.

Reliable Car Repair Tools Needed to Fix a Broken Down Motor Vehicle

Jumper Cables

These car tools are especially important when your battery goes dead. It's advisable you take care of your battery to make jumper cables an unnecessary tool.

Emergency Kit Bag

You never know how important this bag is until you are on a road trip and need something urgently. Always have a kit bag with the following items: tissues, cotton wool, surgical spirit, antibacterial wipes, tampons or pads and plasters to cover small cuts. Remember to always replace the items you have used.


It helps to be ready for the darkness and there is no better way than to have a flashlight and some spare batteries.

Emergency Tyre-Pressure Pump and Gauge

Your fuel consumption will be expensive if your tyre pressure is not at the recommended level. You could opt for a manual, foot operated type, or an automatic battery-powered kind that you can plug into a cigaret lighter to inflate your tyre back to the desired pressure.

Clean Water

Always carry at leat five litres of water in a clean container. While you should check your coolant and other fluid levels once a week, it helps to have some clean water with you all the time. Your windshield washer is often forgotten and will run dry at the worst possible time in the rainy season.

Fire Extinguishers

Its optional in some countries, having fire fighting apparatus is a good thing. You might just save the life of a motorists trapped in a burning vehicle.

Make sure your vehicle is fitted with these simple but vital items listed here.  To enable you start every journey early leaving enough time to deal with any hazards that may arise along the way.

Reliable Car Repair Tools Needed to Fix a Broken Down Motor Vehicle