Predicting baby gender is something that has captivated women and couples for thousands of years.  Over the course of time, there have been numerous ‘tell-tale’ signs of a pregnancy that served as indicators to what the gender of the baby inside the womb would be.  While some of these methods are no more than theoretical old wives’ tales, some of these methods actually have a large number of the population endorsing their accuracy.  For the safety of your pocketbook, the only method you should base your baby clothes shopping on is an ultrasound.  But who wants to wait that long to find out if the baby will be a boy or girl?!

For couple who are in their early stages of pregnancy and are dying to know the gender of your newly conceived little one, there are several methods you can use to acquire this knowledge.  There are baby gender calculators that use a mysterious formula based on the mothers age and the month the child is due.  This calculator is very accessible online, and it only takes a few seconds to fill in the required fields and view the prediction of your baby’s gender.  To get the most accurate results, you must know the approximate date of conception – especially if it was near the end of a month.  Putting in the wrong month will lead to an inaccurate prediction.  There are many variations of the baby gender calculator, and they are all more or less intended for entertainment.

There are certain traits of a woman during her pregnancy, as stated in some old wives’ tales, that serve as indications of the baby’s gender; such as coloration or modes of morning sickness.  For example, it is said that a woman who generally experiences spells of sickness and nausea in the morning time, will be having a boy.  A more calming pregnancy where mornings are normally like any other day – if not absurdly refreshing – is an indication that a girl is on the way.  Other factors that are included in the old wives’ tales are that of acne, the shape of the face, the size or shape of the impregnated belly, as well body hair and nail growth.

One of the most controversial methods used for predicting baby gender is Drano.  For some, this may seem like a shocking method; and it is for good reason.  A strong suggestion to pregnant mothers who choose to rely on this method of prediction is: Have somebody else prepare the Drano that will be used in your test.  A specific ratio of Drano and the mother’s urine is mixed in a cup.  If the urine creates a deep brown color in the Drano, odds are a boy is on board.  A girl is predicted if the Drano experiencing little or no change in color.

As stated at the beginning, the only way to be absolute certain of your babies gender is by having an ultrasound in a hospital or clinic.  No other method of predicting baby gender has any scientific data with which to validate their accuracy.