Getting a fever blister can be one of the most embarrasing things. Many people spend a lot of time and money trying to get rid of fever blisters and it seems the more expensive the medicine the less beneficial it is. Fever blisters not only look bad, and it seems like they have a big sign that says here I am, they also feel bad. The pain of a fever blister can creap up when you eat, talk and don't even think about laughing. Many people believe you have to let nature run its course when it comes to fever blisters but this is not 100% true. There are things you can do to get a little relief for fever blisters.

If you have not already tried over the counter cures for fever blisters there are some out there that really do make a difference. Medicine that contains docosanol work best but you can also try tanic acid, phenol and zinc based medicines these will help to reduce the number of fever blister outbreaks you have.

There are several home remedies that could give you fast relief from the pain of the fever blisters. You can try rubbing the fever blister area with a piece of ice or anything cold, this will temperarily numb the area and help reduce swelling. Also rubbing tea tree oil or fresh aloe vera have been known to relieve the pain for a short period of time.

To prevent the fever blister from spreading you should cover it with petroleum jelly. This will also keep the infected fever blister free of bacteria and allow it to heal quicker.

You will want to avoid anything spicy or salty that could irritate the fever blister and cause more pain. Drinking lots of water and buttermilk will help to break down the infection from the fever blister and help with the healing process.

Lysine is a vitamin that promotes skin health around your lips. This is very good to take if you feel a fever blister starting to form. The sooner you take the vitamin the better chances it can stop it or at least keep it minimal.

Stress is a definate trigger for fever blisters so make sure you are trying to avoid stressful situations and you can actually eleminate the number of fever blister outbreaks you have. If you think about it most fever blisters pop up right before something that you have been worring about or soon after a stressful situation.

Make sure you use good hygine. Frequently wash your hands to avoid spreading the fever blister to other areas. This will also help keep bacteria out of your fever blister so they will heal faster. You should also avoid touching others or anything others would touch after you have touched your fever blister. Fever blisters are very contagious.