nasal conjestion

Relieving Nasal Congestion

I've dealt with nasal congestion my whole life and have tried pretty much every medication known to man with little to no relief, it was only when I started looking for natural home remedies that I started to take control of my sinuses and reduce the inflammation. I use to use medication to bandage the problem when basic home remedies worked just as good and actually dealt with the root cause constant inflammation. Below I'll share with you what has worked for me and hopefully you may find this information useful.


The lining of the inside of your nose is a soft, moist and warm mucus membrane that attracts dust and dirt, its purpose is to filter the air that is coming through the nasal cavities. The problem with this is that the mucus membranes become inflamed when they become damaged or allergic to a particular type of air particulate, like pollen.

The Netty Pot comes to play by gently washing the lining of your mucus membranes keeping it clean and less prone to infection and inflammation from harmful air particulates. The beauty of it is that with a little bit of salt you feel no stinging or pain when you pour water in your nose.


One of the main culprits of nasal congestion is dry air. Think about it this way, the dryer the air is more dust and dirt particulates get circulated in the air, eventually drying out the mucus membranes and causing inflammation. If you incorporate a humidifier in your home the air becomes moist and dust and dirt is less prone to become airborne.


Tree oils have been long known for their antibacterial properties, if you inhale steam from boiled eucalyptus leaves or oil a few times a week it's like cleaning the inside of your nose with bleach. Done consistently and repeatedly twice a week for a few weeks and you'll notice that your nasal problems have significantly degraded or you won't have any at all.


There is a reason why you eat chicken soup or drink hot tea when you feel congested. A high intake of fluids that are not only physically hot but also spicy helps to dilate the blood vessels in the sinuses in addition to assisting in thinning out mucus.


I was always a skeptic about nasal strips actually working until I had a friend rave about it. So naturally I went out and wanted to try it out on my own to test his claims of grandeur. I was glad I did. The nasal strips help pull your nasal passages apart and work great you can actually feel it working in less than 5 minutes. Application is a little tricky to get use to at first but once you get the hang of it, it's actually a great product.