Anxiety attack symptoms can be anything from sweating, sudden shortness of breath, hyperventilating, rosy cheeks, dizziness, and pain. Quite honestly, you might feel like Tony Soprano did on the Sopranos television show when he had anxiety attacks: like you are having a heart attack or dying. If you do not learn how to get in control of your anxiety, then you may have to limit your activities. However, learning how to relieve your anxiety attack symptoms is something that you can work towards in order to live a normal, stress-free, and fulfilling life.

Anxiety is brought about for different reasons for different people. Perhaps it was something that had happened to you in childhood, a car accident leaves you panicking when someone else is driving, food anxieties, social anxieties, etc. All different kinds of anxieties can be treated, no matter what they are a result from. The key to treating your anxiety attack symptoms is to prevent yourself from having an anxiety attack to begin with. Below are some ways to relieve your anxiety attack symptoms before they start.

  • All anxiety comes from past events, and so it is absolutely crucial that you live your life in the present moment. When you begin to feel your pulse quicken, or your breath quicken, or your cheeks flash hotter, you must bring yourself back into the present moment. You can do this by pinching your skin, counting from 1-10, playing drums on your thighs (you can keep some change in your pockets for this), writing numbers down on a piece of paper, etc. Anything that can get you into the present moment will prevent your anxiety attack from starting.
  • Darth Vader breathing, where you breath in and push the air out constricting your throat so that it sounds like Darth Vader, will slow down your pulse. It is very effective, and is called Warrior breath in Yoga. In fact, take a few yoga classes in order to learn how to do this type of breathing-it will come in handy throughout your entire life.
  • Carry a worry stone around in your pocket or purse. Whenever you feel your pulse creeping up or your breathing quicken, start to rub this worry stone. Rub it one way, then another, or circle it around in between your thumb. Change patterns, and get into a routine with it.
  • Carry around a soothing herb like lavender. When you feel yourself tense up, take a smell of this oil/herb. Your body will eventually learn to respond to this by loosening up and calming down each time you smell this.
  • Remember that what you are experiencing will not harm you, will not harm your family, and does not matter in the long scheme of things.
  • Hum deeply; this has a calming effect for the entire body. If you are in a car with others, have them turn on the radio so that they cannot hear you do so.