Jesus Is My Savior, Not My Religion!

What is the Difference Between Being Religious and Being in a Relationship?


Religion, particularly Christianity, has made a bad name for itself in recent years. The ones who should be known for love of other people have mostly become a large clubhouse of judgmental hypocrites.
When today’s world looks at Christians, it mostly sees those smugly pretending to be the self-professed judges of humanity. 
But there is hope in choosing Christianity. It is the difference between religion and relationship. The two can go together or they can be diametrically opposed, dependent upon those involved.
Some are so focused on what they should and shouldn’t do they assume a “holier than thou” attitude and it is these people who give Christianity a bad name.

Religion focuses on what Christians can do in order to please God (works and legalism), instead of realizing that God has in love and goodness already done everything necessary and loves us unconditionally (a.k.a. grace).  Faith in that belief motivates being a true Christian: to be loved and to share that love with everyone regardless of who he or she is, without regard to what he or she may have done.

The Bible talks about how we have been saved through faith and by grace. It speaks of how this is the gift of God and not by anything that we are able to do so that no-one can brag about it. Even so, many Christians are raised in an Old Testament mind-set where works and legalism were the focus.  They forget that we aren’t in those times anymore.
It’s not about what we do; it’s about what Jesus has already done.
Christians have to realize, while it is important to tell people about what they believe, no one wants anything that he or she does not find attractive. And no one finds subjective judgment attractive.
Christianity is (and should be) about loving those one comes into contact with, not telling such people what they should and shouldn’t do. No one wants a list of “do’s” and “don’ts”, especially coming from anyone with a background that may include unsavory behaviors. So, in the “religion vs. relationship” realm where lies the “relationship”? That is what Christians are supposed to be, a people in a relationship with a loving and caring God. Christianity was never meant to be an exclusive club.  It was meant to be a loving people with arms wide open to the world and everyone on it.