Sometimes in life we hold on to certain material items that we have received throughout the years. This stock pile of merchandise, to us, are not just things that we have accumulated and could easily price and place on a table in a garage/yard sale, but instead, they are items that hold meaning beyond retail value. Some of these things have been handed down to us from many generations before, some of the items may be things that we like to have around because they remind us of someone special or a time in our life that was more than memorable. No matter what it is, it is priceless in our minds and hearts.


If you are or have a loved one in the military, you know first hand, the bond that a military family shares. Not only do our military's members share this bond with their family and their comrades, but they too have a bond with close friends outside of the military. Before joining one of the elite fighting forces of our nation, there are many discussions between the future military member and his/her family and friends. A member of the family even may use this special discussion to pass down a meaningful possession such as a purple heart, or a pin or medal that belonged either to himself/herself or someone from many generations before. If you are given a military member's family heirloom, it is undoubtedly one of the most precious items you will ever have. Not only do family members pass along things that are meaningful to them, but friends too, give each other things of heart felt quality.


As mentioned, a specific item passed down is a medal. When we think of medals though, the first thing that pops into our minds is that of a golden or silver 'coin' with a safe and secure home at the bottom of a ribbon. While these particular medals are representative of the accomplishments as well as the tribulations of our military loved ones, they are not the only form of medal that they have worn and still wear today. Adorned around the necks of our dedicated service members, are necklaces with pendants representing the freedom of religion in which they protect each and every day. Those of the Christian faith wear a cross and those of the Catholic faith can be found wearing a medal of the patron saint that protects his/her field of occupational specialty. These pendants of crosses and patron saints are not just pieces of sterling silver, yellow or white gold, but they are pieces of jewelry that are held in high regard and respected, just as the respect is given to their priceless dog tags.


Having a piece of military jewelry, more specifically a cross or patron saint medal, will give comfort to our military's personnel, no matter if they are on land, on sea or in the air. Regardless if the pendant is new or old, it will have a meaning that can only be felt by the heart and it will become an invaluable item of protection and love.


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