The most popular type of religious jewelry is the religious necklace. There are several reasons for this. A necklace is fairly visible and so you can make a loud and proud statement with it. It makes for a less intimate gift than a religious ring for example which may have a deeper sentiment and requires someone to know your ring size. And above all, they are beautiful and come in all shapes, sizes and underlying meanings.

Some of the most popular types of religious necklace include a Saint Christopher Religious Pendant Necklace

It is believed that people who wear the Saint Christopher necklace or pendant will have safe passage. It makes a perfect gift for a confirmation or for a young relative such as a niece, nephew, godson or friend's young child. It is a classic devotional pendant and will be cherished for many years, even decades to come. One of the stories of St Christopher says that he asked a hermit how to serve Christ. The hermit, looking at St Christopher striking size and strength, made the suggestion that St Christopher should assist people in crossing a dangerous river. St Christopher was performing his duty, carrying people across the river when one day a child asked for his help. The good saint duly obliged and then the child turned and spoke to him, saying "I am Christ your king, whom you are serving by this work" before promptly vanishing.

As a Jewish jewellry gift choice for a loved one, a hugely popular item is the double, Mizpah Medal. This is a break-apart coin which forms two religious necklaces: you wear one half, your loved one wears the other.

They are especially popular among the armed services and for people in long distance relationships or have to separate for long stretches of time for whatever reason. Often the medal will contain a biblical inscription. Popular inscriptions includes this loving passage from Genesis "The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another."

And of course, we have to discuss the Christian necklace showing the cross or crucifix. The difference between a cross and a crucifix is that the crucifix necklace shows the figure of Christ on the cross. They come in so many sizes, shapes, detail and materials as a clear declaration of someone's Christian faith and spirituality. It proves a reminder of Jesus' sacrifice - death by crucifixion.