Your faiPerson to Person Loansth is part of who you are, just like your nationality or your hobbies and can benefit you when it comes time to find grants. Faith based grants are typically geared toward specific religions and the support of individual who are making a difference. Several avenues can help you find religious grants.

Where to Find Faith Based Grants lists faith based grants in by order of the grant’s deadline date, with the earliest deadlines listed first. You also search for grant opportunities within your own faith-based organization whether that is a church, mosque, temple or youth group. The elders who oversee these groups often have lists of religious grants.

How to Apply

Grant applications are largely computer-based.  Grant descriptions and applications are available online at and on the individual religious grant’s website. Here you can find the instructions as well. Make sure to follow the instructions exactly, application denials could be for any reason including the failure to follow the guidelines listed.

Information Needed to Apply

Be prepared to provide a wide range of information based on the grant you are applying for. Faith based grants will need information regarding your place of worship and how long you have attended. Volunteer groups you have participated in, especially those associated with your place of worship, are also key. Some grants may want letters of recommendation/testimonials from members of your place of worship. Ask elders for help with these types of requests. Personal essays are also common requests. With essays, you need to show how important your faith is to you and how the gift of a grant will enrich your faith and allow you to share it with others.

Examples of Religious Grants

Marian University in Indianapolis works with teenage girls during the summer of their junior and senior high school years. Once the girls complete the initial project with representatives from the university they then are eligible to apply for a grant to take what they learned and apply it to the community. Other grants like the ones from the ICF College Scholarships to High School Seniors provide a flat $500 to $1,000 to students who are Catholic and of Italian heritage. Still more faith based grants are provided on a local level from sponsors within your community also associated with your house of worship. These grants can range from smaller amounts of a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.