It is consistently ranked among the top destinations for movers. With its serene harbor and nearby ski resorts and boutique stores, Vancouver is an idyllic location to raise a family, retire or simply enjoy the good life. For those who are not Canadian citizens however there are several barriers to relocating there. The pointers below aim to help you to take those first key steps to moving there.

Obtain a Canadian Visa

This is an important item and Canada will only permit those with a valid visa to stay there. However, the country does operate a points system whereby those with professional qualifications and work experience can receive preference. Those who are interested in relocating to Canada should therefore seek to maximize their experience in fields such as business management, medicine and law. Senior positions and graduate degrees are prized, and so it is advisable to develop these parts of your resume as soon as possible.

Calculate cost of living

Residents of the United States and some other countries may be shocked by the cost of living in Canada – the tax rate is also considerably higher for high earners. Therefore it is important to do your homework and establish exactly how you will cover essential items plus rent or mortgage payments. Whilst health insurance costs can be reduced or eliminated (Canada offers a comprehensive public health care system) it is important to establish a budget that is realistic. The key item here is disposable income i.e. monthly salary minus major expenses. Prepare early and be conservative in your estimates so that you will not be shocked after relocation.

Anticipate Unemployment

As the saying goes, “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. It is important that you don’t simply expect to land a job immediately. Many who have emigrated to Canada’s largest cities report waiting up to six months in order to find the right position. By being prepared for a period of unemployment you can be in a position to find the right position for the long term and avoid the panic of accepting a stop gap solution. You might develop a separate savings account or establish a stream of income that is not dependant on your geographical location. Those who have savings to fall back on are always in a stronger position in the job market and can exercise patience and sound judgment, so start saving now.

Find Property Bargains

Given its perfect location and valuable land, Vancouver’s real estate market has experienced growth in recent years. Although the investor should be sure to conduct thorough research before buying, there are many good opportunities with potential for further appreciation. Given the strength of the Canadian economy and interest in Vancouver as a hot location, the property buyer can reasonably expect robust conditions. In order to find the best location for you be sure to visit the city several times before deciding. However, the harbor front and nearby Kitsilano district remain the most popular choices for their sweeping views of the harbor.

Vancouver can be a Great Home

This charming city is popular for good reason and those who are interested can make a good life there. By following these sensible steps you can place yourself in a strong position: not just to live temporarily but to settle and plan your future in this Pacific idyll.

Vancouver harbour

Vancouver harbor at sunset