The military way of life is no doubt difficult to adjust to. Relocation is one of the aspects that is definately something that will take some getting used to. It not only affects the member of the family in the military, but it affects the spouses and children as well. Moving from place to place has its ups and downs, just like anything else in life.

One of the more difficult tasks a spouse may face is holding a career. What he or she does for a living may not be offered in certain places, making it difficult to continue that path of work. There are options though, one could get a job on base, or off base doing something else he or she is good at. This may open new windows in the skill world. By doing many odd jobs all over the world, you will learn you can do things maybe you thought you never could. You'll meet and make new friends, and bond with other spouses going through the same life issues. These friendships will last a lifetime and should be cherished. Not only will you have a bond with them that you don't have with your civilian friends, but it will give you strength as a military family.

Being a military family that has children may be difficult as well. No matter what the age of your child or children, you'll have to explain things like why daddy isn't home, or why the next time he or she will see mommy is so far away. As the child/children get older though, these things are easier to explain. As a parent though, you put the needs of your child/children before your own, whether it be physically or emotionally. Eventually, they will go to school and make friends. If your husband or wife gets orders to go somewhere else, this will cause the younger generation to have to leave friends and school, to start over somewhere else. This can be a very trying time, especially if he or she is a teenager. I've been a teenager myself, and I know that even though he or she may understand that this is what's required, it's still an emotional rollercoaster, and he or she can be hard to deal with. With this being such a troublesome time, in the end, it will pull the family together and not only will each member of the family have gained an inner strength, so will the family as a whole. The upside though, is that your child/children will meet and make many new friends, as you have with your new job.

Just as the spouses and children have tough times dealing with relocation, so does the member of the family that is enlisted. He or she may at times feel badly for just uprooting his or her family and making them take on a whole new living location and adjustments. The thing about families though, is that they are the ones that will support you in the most difficult of times. Be there for your spouse in everyway possible. Be there for your mom or dad in the best way you can. Be proud of the fact that you are a military family and can not only get through times like this, but you have a special strength and bond with your family that most civilian families do not.

Remember, you are never alone. There is always someone going through the same thing. If you have been in one place for a while, get other spouses involved and make a 'welcome' committee. You can share information about the area with the new families and make them feel at home, or just be someone for them to talk to. If they are new to the military way of life, you can give them advice and create a friendship.

No matter where the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard takes you, rest assured, there is always good along with, what at the time, may seem bad. You will get through this, not only because it's mandatory, but because you are strong as an individual and as a family. You are a member of the United States Military, spouses and children included, and can handle anything life may throw at you.

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