Our feet take a beating and not surprisingly, they will rebel with dry feet and cracking heels.  When this happens, we not only get painful heels, but the dry skin will create runs in stockings and poke holes in socks.  If you sleep with a partner, they may not be too fond of being scratched by your dry and cracked feet!Remedies for crackd heels and feetCredit: morguefile.com

Dry bits of skin can get so hard and sharp they actually become weapons, and you can even scratch yourself in the night.  So, getting rid of this problem works to protect all involved, as well as makes your feet look a whole lot better in those cute sandals.

Maybe you find getting a professional pedicure works well, but unless you do this all the time, or change how you treat your feet, it will come right back.  Getting a pedicure is a nice treat but unless you are someone who can afford to go a few times a week, then you should check out these home remedies for cracked heels and feet. 

If you can take some time at night to do this routine before bed, then you will notice your feet getting softer quickly.  Try and do this most nights if you can, it will speed up the process.

Tools You will Need for Dry Cracked Feet

A foot bath would be nice, but a simple plastic tub will work well too.

Touch of Bubble Bath (you can get bubble bath for dry skin too)

Foot scrubber on a stick (this will look like an oversized emery board) or a pumice stone

Heavy Dry Skin Lotion, such as Vaseline Intensive care of Keri Lotion for extra dry skin works well.

Clean white cotton socks - lots of them

Have all your tools and supplies assembled nearby.  You don’t want to be hunting around the house for everything with wet feet.  The point of this exercise is to help your feet and also as an added bonus, distress you!  So running around the house looking for everything is not going to distress you. 

So take the time and get everything together in one spot.  Make a container of these things just for you so you are ready each night, or whenever you feel like you could use a foot soak.

Step 1 – Some people just seem to be more prone to dry and cracked feet, and if you are one of these people then you need to follow this routine as often as possible.  Plus once you realize just how good this makes you feel all over, you are likely to pamper yourself with this method on a regular basis. 

Having your feet feel good will also help your body feel good.

Even simply having a relaxing soaking bath each night will help your body and your feet if you can’t soak your feet separately.

Take your foot bath or plastic tub and fill with warm (not really hot) water and add a drop of your soothing bubble bath.  If you have a proper foot bath with all the gadgets attached then give your feet the ultimate massaging foot bath, but simply soaking them in a plastic tub will help too.  (If you like the idea of a massaging foot bath, then drop a few hints for that next birthday or Christmas!)

Have a soft absorbent towel ready for afterwards

Get yourself settled somewhere comfortable and place your bare feet in the foot bath or the tub. 

Get a good book or magazine, as this will be a great way to relax as well.

Step 2 – After soaking your feet for about 5 minutes, get your foot scrubber or pumice stone and gently start scrubbing those really dry spots.  Don’t do this to the point of pain, just a good scrub. 

It will take a few soaks and scrubs before you really get the dry skin going away but it is well worth it.  So, give your feet a good scrub with these tools, and then put them back in the water for another 5 or 10 minutes.

Step 3 – Place your feet on the towel and dry them well and don’t forget between the toes!

Step 4 – Starting with one foot, take your heavy dry skin cream and rub it into your feet paying attention to those extra dry spots and your cracked heels.    You will find that the foot stick or pumice stone will have removed some of that dry skin, so really put a good layer of this lotion on your dry feet.

Once you rub that in, put on another layer, you are basically slathering this lotion on your foot.

Home Remedies for Dry FeetCredit: morguefile.com

Step 5 – Get your clean white cotton sock and put on your foot.  Now repeat for the other foot.  Now go to bed!

Overnight the lotion will work into your skin on your feet, and also keep your feet cozy overnight, and your partner will not be so scared to sleep beside you now that the weapons have been covered.

In the morning, you simply have to remove the socks, and your feet will not be greasy at all, but softer than they were the day before. 

So, now you simply get on with your day, and then you repeat the process before going to bed again.  You will notice quite quickly how well this home remedy for cracked heels and feet works.

It also helps with that dry skin you get around your toe nails which can be embarrassing in those cute sandals, or when you do go for a pedicure.Remedies for cracked hells and feetCredit: morguefile.com

Treat Your Feet Right – Try and not walk bare foot in bad conditions such as out in the snow, or hot pavement or hot sand.  Your feet will simply add that extra dry layer to protect the skin.  Treat your feet right and they will take care of you.

So try these remedies for cracked heels and dry feet and see just how good your feet feel afterwards, you may want to continue even after the dry skin is gone because it does feel good, and if our feet feel good.. we feel good!

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