Remedies for acne and acne pimples fall into three major groups: home remedies, over the counter pimple remedies, and prescription treatments. If your acne breakouts are mild, try natural home acne remedies first. For moderately bad acne or problem oily skin, the over the counter acne treatments can be most beneficial. For constant problem acne prone skin, acne scarring or pitting acne, consult a professional to avoid permanent scarring and to see more effective treatments.

In general, the remedies for acne care and treatment can begin with either home made acne remedies made from a recipe or natural acne skin care products purchased in a health foods store. Most will have common ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, tea tree oil and Indian gooseberry, all of which have been proven to be effective in both the treatment of pimples and acne prone skin. Incidentally, the ingredients above are also the most commonly used in natural creams to prevent acne scarring. If you do not have a natural foods store near you natural acne skin care products are also readily available either online, or with preparations easily found in your own kitchen.

The most simple of the homemade recipes for curing acne breakouts is a mask made from baking soda and water and mixed into a thick paste. The paste is placed on the affected areas and allowed to dry, then rinsed off with cool water. Pat the skin dry, but do not rub the broken out areas. Rubbing will only make the acne prone areas produce more oil which will make your skin breakout with a fresh crop of new pimples.

If natural recipes do not do the trick, you should move on to prepared over the counter acne treatments. There are numerous products on the market for the treatment of acne from antimicrobial soaps, pimple creams, and astringents for controlling the oiliness of the face, neck, chest, shoulders and back. Choose a product for the type of acne you are desiring to treat, and follow the directions exactly for best results.

Many acne sufferers find that drinking a full 10 glasses of water a day benefits them in two ways. The first is that the water helps to keep skin well hydrated and less prone to recurrent breakouts. The second has to do with the healing of the lesions you already have. Adequate water content in the skin assists the body in helping to heal the already affected areas.

The remedies for acne are numerous, and you should start with the easiest first. Move up to the next therapy if your acne has not improved.